Why Pornstars Are Mentally Stressed?

August Ames and Pornstar Harassment

Harassment is a great part of the adult industry and almost every one participating in it facing some form of harassment. Although, male stars aren’t that affected, females are the one that get the brunt of the impact. This has been discussed hundreds of times over the internet where pornstars were getting bullied online as well as in their personal lives. People don’t view them as human beings, but instead they view them as women that are selling their body for cash. But, in our honest opinion, people shouldn’t be skeptical about their line of work because they’re working hard to earn their salary. But, unfortunately, our community isn’t that keen on being soft. Instead, they take to twitter and bash every porn star they can find.

A good example of pornstar getting harassed would be August Ames. The 23-year old was quickly rising in ranks after winning two awards from AVN. But, her path to success was cut short when she was found dead in her apartment. The official statement was that she committed suicide.

Prior to her suicide, she sent out a tweet saying that she doesn’t want to be involved in scenes with men that have been involved in gay sex. The public was a bit dramatic about this incident which was caused by harassment on Twitter. We’re not exactly saying that a pornstar died. We’re saying that a woman committed suicide because she was being bullied around by people she had no relation to.