Top 3 Richest Female Pornstars in the World

No doubt, porn is an ever-growing industry that will only get better with the course of time. To the surprise of most people, it is a highly profitable profession with most of its participants earning 6-digits. But, there are a few impeccable ladies that are worth more than what most people make in their entire lifetimes.

Jenna Jameson – $30 Million

It’s impossible that anyone here hasn’t heard of the notorious “Queen of Porn”. She was once at the top of the food chain but her career started to fade away. She would eventually resort to other professions. She was a manager for the ex-UFC Champion Chuck Liddell. She’s made a fortune by selling sex toys and eventually selling her company to Playboy.

Terra Patrick – $17 Million

Patrick is probably one of the most astonishing brunettes you’ll ever see. Terra is quite the jack of all trades with her degrees in microbiology and nursing. She started off her career as a model but eventually worked her way to the porn industry. She’s no doubt the smartest woman of the porn industry.

Jesse Jane – $10 Million

Jesse Jane is another woman that is really multi-talented. She has worked as an actor, but most of her work is adult-related. She rose to fame with her Pirates series which was a pornographic replica of the “Pirate of the Caribbean”. The woman has her own brand of tequila that contributed to her wealth.