The Good, the Bad, but Never the Ugly

So having dated someone who frequented bars often, and just recently turning 21, I have spent a lot of time this past year in various bars.  Probably about half of those times I was with friends and without an ‘after bar’ companion.  Being a good looking, outgoing, and friendly female that means that inevitably I get hit on.  It probably helps that I usually have my two favorite accessories, my smile and cleavage.  I have a fun time while drinking, and I don’t mind including new friends (or more accurately new men) in my fun.

I am not shy however in stating that I have some standards in my choice of bar men.  Bar men are different than the men I date, or sometimes even different than the men I even choose to look at outside of the bar atmosphere.  I sometimes want the good guy, the guy who is out for a rare night on the town.  It is like you are showing them a different side to life.  You take hold of the night and bring fantasies to life.  I like these guys.  The good guys are good guys for different reasons but the biggest thing that they have in common is that they listen to what you will and won’t do.  These aren’t guys who are out at the bar every Tuesday night, so when you say you don’t do anal with a first time partner they listen.  They listen because they probably wouldn’t have ever thought to put anything up your butt in the first place.

The bad boy is a whole different species.  The bad boy is the one who tries to put it up your butt TWICE after saying you don’t do that with first time partners.  He carries himself with a (sometimes fake) confidence because he has fucked every regular in the bar you are in already.  Most nights you want to steer clear of these guys because they are mostly arrogant assholes who only deliver pleasure half the time.  However the bad boys are the ones that the other half the time will leave you with a memory hotter than sin itself, which makes them worth the trouble.

With all this being said, bar men should NEVER be ugly.  Bar men are not men you bring home to mother.  Bar men are not men who do dinner and then on a walk down Michigan Avenue.  Bar men are men who ignite the fiery passion and make you want to suck, lick, touch, and fuck all night long.  Just because you meet a guy in a bar doesn’t mean he’s a bar man.  Just because he wears a leather coat and rides a Harley doesn’t mean he’s a bad boy either.  Bad boys can wear Ralph Lauren and drive BMWs.  So ladies, listen to the advice, make sure your bar men are hot.  There is absolutely no reason that you should even entertain someone who doesn’t light you up.


(Author’s Note: Bar Men = men you pick up in a bar for sex.)