Tassy Review: iGino One

I received the item below for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, ideas, opinions and ideas stated below are honest and my own. Your results may vary!

I have never had the chance to review a prototype of an item/item before the actual release type of thing. So when I got the chance to receive an iGino one in exchange for my honest opinion I was pretty excited!

The iGino  one is an item that I did a spotlight on a few weeks back. I knew it would be a while before I got it, but it really didn’t take so long at all. It just took a very lazy and slightly busy me a while to get around to getting this review up! Thanks to the fact I already had the review written, and all it needed was links and somehow I managed to shut down the computer without saving L

So if you want to really excite me with a toy what are the key things? Well you know UNIQUE and PINK and the fact that I  prefer external vibes compared to internal ones. This one had all 3 of the above. Plus it is so darn cute to look at as well. It reminds me of the way an Iphone looks! I was beyond looking forward to this one!

Everyone knows by now that I am a packaging freak! This one comes in a very deep white and pink box that perfectly fits the iGino and the other items that are inside. It also matches the item, as in compliments it if you know what I am saying?

Inside the box you will find the iGino inside of a piece plastic that you can lift out to find other items. What else is inside? A booklet about the toy, a usb cord/extender for charging, a us charge adapter that has the igino logo on it, and a foreign charge adapter (European I am assuming here). A Velvet pouch, and a baggie that has these little Rings and the Tip to put on the vibrator. They are kind of foamy /squishy. Of course I always like extras, and the fact that this baby is rechargeable!

One thing to mention is that you can charge the iGino with the built in USB charger that is on it. …Like just plug it in to the computer and what not if that floats your boat. For me , that is a very handy option as we are short on plugins around here. Also, I am not around anyone for the most part that would be nosy and ask me what it was that was plugged in! It kind of reminds me of the way a FLIP video camera charges.

So what is my general opinion of the toy? Well I LIKE IT A LOT. There is just one tiny tiny tiny problem…(well, make that 2..)and that is the fact that it only has ONE speed. The speed  is pretty alright for my standards, and I didn’t have a problem getting off with it, but sometimes I know that I could usually use a more strong bzz. Also, speaking of bzz…as in noise..this is where comes in that 2nd little tiny problem…It is LOUD LOUD LOUD..which in my world of being married and living on my own doesn’t really come into play but for others that could be a really big issue. I have plug in toys that aren’t that loud!

The control of the toy is really simple because you only have the one button on the right hand side, and you simply just flip it up for on, and back down for off.

It says that the toy should fully charge within 12 hours and will last 40 minutes which is kinda meh.. I have been able to use it several times so far and not had to charge it, but I bet my day is coming fast for sure.

3 of the most unique features that I saw with this toy, that are highlighted are the fact that it has the hygienic cover, which I like, and the skin touch head,which does give it a nice and unique feeling I haven’t felt with another toy. Also the whole vibra move thing, which mimics you giving your self pleasure with your own finger seems about right to me as well…

So in all, I really like the iGino one , and I think that if they could add in some speeds, (not patterns, I really don’t care about patterns at all) and get the noise under control, then it would be perfect for almost anyone. In the mean time, I really enjoy it and am glad that I got the chance to get to review it!