Review: SM 101: A realistic introduction by Tassy

A while back at goodvibes, the good folks gave me the opportunity to review the book SM 101 a realistic introduction by Jay Wiseman.

I had a fit to try to get this book reviewed for some reason! I don’t understand why, and I apologize for being such a poor reviewer girl to good vibes! When I said to myself, “Tassy, no more books to review, no more MORE!”I was supposed to hold on to that agreement!

From time to time, I do dable in bdsm, but by no means am I hardcore! I could likely bring my dabling a knot, but… honestly I’m not always in that kind of mood… but let’s put it this way I’m likely more often than not in that mood. It’s just between me and the hubs that we’re having a difficult time lol together in that mood. We’re planning a little bit of that kind of fun this weekend, though… ANYWAYS… LOL This book wasn’t by any means a terrible book, it’s just I discovered it to be a bit.. overwhelming. I understand that sounds dumb on my part because I’m an avid reader since I was a kid… but for me to sit down and read a review book… I need more than just black and white phrases on pages… I know… It sounds dumb right? I just need to break it up for me. Can you say me I get old? This book is a very informative book about bdsm methods, but I think it’s more for the hardcore dedicated bdsm individual and not for the amateur like me. I think the book had plenty of informative information on both sides, but it focused more on how I say the hardcore and those who might want to play in groups and/or with people they don’t understand very well. The only individuals I plan to play with are david and one of my ex boyfriends that I sometimes hang out with and any rare moon could do something with on that very rare occasion. There are plenty of nifty checklists and worksheets to fill out if you were to play in these kinds of circumstances, and perhaps even if you play with individuals who should understand you very well. I also think the knowledge in the book can help in either case, whether or not you know someone well. It wasn’t simple for me to read. If you get my drift, it was more educational than fun? In the long run, I suggest the book. I think there’s something for everyone who wants to play in these kinds of situations, so I think it’s worth getting a copy of this book at in return for my honest ideas and views. You may very much have your ideas & views & feelings. All of the above opinions are my own and I didn’t have to offer a favorable evaluation.