Review: Rubber Paddle by Tassy

As you may or may not understand, I always dabble in my connection with some BDSM. David isn’t really that much in it, which is nice, it’s not like it’s something I like doing every time I have sex or something like that, it’s just that I sometimes lean more to that side of things, and he’s been attempting to get more on board with it recently.

We had a crop that I really enjoyed, but it broke back a while, so I was in limbo for a substitute. (Most of the moment I have to confess I prefer nice old hand spanking.. but there’s nothing wrong with getting some kind of help either!) Babeland recently gave me the opportunity to check out a Rubber Paddle and I was all over like white rice in a rush! Especially since David was in that kind of mood a little bit more recently and asked me to discover something fresh for us!

However, I wasn’t THINKING how I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to spanking, and I didn’t really understand what lol was going to involve in rubber.

In a plastic ziplock baggie, the black rubber paddle arrived and from the get go, I was like OMG what I got into lol.

First of all, it’s HEAVY…… as much heavier than I had anticipated. David says it reminded him of a tire or a LOL shoe, the way he said it was funny, I wish I could remember what he said precisely.

It was also slightly flimsier than I would have anticipated? As I say most of these realizations came from being an amateur and are not talking about being bad about the toy itself.

I decided to try hitting myself with it, I was sure, it’s going to hurt me?

IT DEAS HURT!! I realized that I had made more of myself than I had negotiated for. I was tired of letting David hit me with it too, I was like no REALLY REALLY lite.. and it still hurt I couldn’t say anything bad for the toy except the heavy and flimsy factors… but again, that was a mistake at my end. I hope to work on it myself, but as of now it’s not too delicate for me. I will save it for the future!

In return for my honest ideas and views, supplied this toy. These are my ideas and views and may differ from yours. I didn’t have to write a favorable review.