Review: Rocks-Off Luv Massager by Tassy

The awesome people from Rocks Off sent me a couple of awesome goodies a few months ago, about which I’ve already written. The most cute massager they’ve ever sent me: The Luv!! It’s pink and white, and well, it’s a massager so it’s not about “Luv.” It even has a head in the form of a core!

The Luv massager comes in a nicely clear case of the difficult shell sort, and it made my cut as to one of the many toys I’ve chosen to live in the initial packaging. I understand I always seem to keep my toys in the initial packaging, but sometimes I decide to throw one away in a rare moon!

There’s a clear case of “standard” plastic type that I’d call more like a wrapper, and that’s what the nicer case is at first inside. It has purple writing and hearts with the message “Luv your body” It has a diagram on one of the side panels on how to plug in your batteries (4 AAA, not included) and how to use the toy. It has information on the luv in 3 distinct languages on the other hand panel. It informs you details on the English toy on the back, including that it is 100% waterproof, and that there are 5 relaxing vibration and pulsing settings.

Anyone who understands me understands fairly much that my favourite combination of colors is pink and white, and I can honestly say that I can only believe of another toy that I have this color. However, this one is so much more beautiful to me with the adorable little heart end! In the non-heat-shaped end, the batteries go, and I had to get David to assist me get it open! I’m not the earth’s greatest little gal!  There is an on / off button and then your function button, the luv procedure is quite easy. The luv’s white handle portion is a tough plastic, but a silicone texture is the purple heart component and it feels very good. However, the heart has no gift to it, which could have made it a bit more flexible, but it’s not that large deal!

One thing I particularly like is that in my hand it feels comfortable, almost like stating it’s ergonomic. I really have tiny hands so I’m not sure if you have bigger hands if you agree with me at that level or I don’t understand this toy is very flexible because you can use it in two distinct ways. For a naughty bit of fun on your clit, or any other naughty spot you might want to use on, or for a sensual experience. Originally I believed I was only going to use it for the sensual sort of massage agreement, but after I received it I decided it was just too good to use it in one manner! There are 3 speeds: low, medium and high, and 2 patterns that I find a little difficult to define as quickly pulsing and slow pulsing. But I’m not really one for patterns, even if they’re okay at times. In this situation, I believe the pulses are better for a sensual massage and then the speeds for the naughty game. You can go anyway, though! I have to say that this little toy really packs a lot of punch to run off AAA batteries, even if it’s four of them. Usually it’s either on C or D batteries or plugged in when I’m thinking of something that powerful. This toy is pretty noisy, which is not something I have to worry about because, apart from the hubs, I don’t live with anyone. Like I conclude if you could just say that it was a massager and then who would care that you understand? I enjoy the Rocks-Off luv massager REALLY. I believe it was purple, white and hearts for me, but I really liked using it, and I look forward to using it in the future!

This item was given to me by rocks-off in return for my honest review. All thoughts are frank and my own views and experiences. Your experience may be different.