Review of JimmyJane massage candle by Tassy

Many of you may understand from following my private site / twitter and maybe I mentioned it before I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. I attempted a lot of stuff to get a better night’s sleep!

By accident I discovered that massage was my magic sleeping path! I had woken up about 4 a.m. one morning and was unable to sleep, and David rubbed my head a bit and I came back to bed. I decided to bring it to the next level and I’m so happy I’ve ever done it!

I was recently on a search for massage goodies instead of being on a search for vibrators. So when babeland gave me the opportunity to get a jimmyjane massage candle, I was enthusiastic about it!

For the easy reality that you get the warmth of the liquid, I like the concept of a massage candle and you can enjoy it as a prelude to the massage!

I got the candle in the scent of the cucumber water, a pretty good smell that reminds me of summer. I can smell it in my space even when it’s not lit!

There are several other scents of the candle, including Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, and Pink Lotus.

I was somewhat confused about the fact that it says matches and a body brush were included on the description page at babeland, and I didn’t get either.. but it wasn’t that large deal. I believe they’d be amazing extra though!

The candle also has natural ingredients such as jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe, so it’s really nice for your skin that I’ve tried a couple of other candles over time (two other brands) and discovered them either to A. Take them to melt forever and/or B > and they’re sticky!  It melted in about 30 minutes with this candle, and the liquid remains like that for about 30 minutes, which provides you plenty of time! Plus, you don’t need to schedule a massage ahead of time! It wasn’t at all sticky, too!

Another distinctive characteristic of the candle was that it’s in a pretty white ceramic container with a pour spout, making it simpler to pour, of course!. The candle lasts up to 32 hours, which implies a relatively reasonable quantity of time should last!

I really enjoy my candle in everything! I enjoy to get my hot massages and SLEEP knows when for the first time! I’m defending. To assist your body relax and get the sleep you deserve, suggest massage! I can’t wait to see some of these candles ‘ other scents in the future!

This item was given to me in return for my honest view from that I was not needed to write a favorable review and that all views and statements were frank and my own.