Lelo Isla Review

Eden Fantasys gave me the opportunity to review the Lelo Isla for quite a while, and I was like it, well why not? J I thought I had this review already, and I had to look into it and realized I didn’t! I understand they love me there anyway, but I apologize for my supervision! I promise I will attempt to do better next time!

Lelo Isla

So you likely already understand that every time I get something to check Lelo, I’m like all goo goo ga!  This was no exception, particularly as I am also on a kick from the G-spot!

Eden Fantasys has always unmarked packaging, the normal shipping box for the post office with the return address as internet merchants and all that. I’m very grateful, because although it’s just David and I around here, I would love to think about what the mail people / ups / fedex would think of me having all these adult products all the time!  Moreover, if I lived with my parents, you understand that would be more than awkward!

Of course, you get all the fancy Lelo packaging with your standard card box outside, you understand the toy image and all the black background and so on? Then there’s the more upscale antique sans ##ware you’re used to with any lelo (well, with any lelo I’ve got myself). You know the cardboard, the impression lelo logo… all that nice fancy stuff!

Lelo Isla

What Exactly is the Lelo Isla?

You’ll discover the Isla nestled in velvet when you lift the lid, and in the little side pocket you’ll find / stashed underneath you’ll discover a storage bag (I’m a package whore as we all understand, but if you’re not one of yourselves, this thing would operate okay!) the charger, all the paperwork, including instructions and warranty, and even a pack of lube!  You will also discover the lelo insignia tag tucked next to it in the Isla in its own cutout.

One of the reasons I was really enthusiastic about getting this toy is the fact that it is a G-Spot toy, apart from the reality that it was a Lelo! You all understand I’ve been on a enormous G-spot kick since I lastly found it was there for me!

The Lelo Isla has a shape I can’t really start to name it, let alone describe it! Typically it has a loop shape, and then down to where the touch pad controls are it has a hole, where if you have small fingers and hands like me, you can use it to keep it in a distinct manner!

So, some of the toy’s most amazing stuff? The rechargeable part (actually, I hate battery scrambling), Silicone, which is pretty much one of the safest toy products out there, and even though I still have to use a toy in water, it’s completely waterproof. Also on display? 6 Velocity and charging modes can last up to 4 hours. Oh, and the journey? It has a method of locking. Plus, the silence is fairly darn!

Since I kind of understand where to go with discovering my g-spot, and that’s a nice thing, but I believe you’d be able to succeed with this toy even if you were a newbie in the g-spot globe! But I don’t know, because I’ve heard that ALL women don’t have a g-spot, so god understands! Which honestly, why don’t I want to learn more about the g-spot!

Controls are simple to handle, 3 buttons are+,–and a center button.  The buttons are quite standard and simple to understand. Middle is sort of a menu of your pattern and the + and–do just that!  The patterns range from very random pulses to slow pulses.

Is the Lelo Isla for you?

Like any other lelo toy / item I had the opportunity to appreciate, the isla provided a really good experience, and I was happy to have the opportunity to add it to my collection. I can’t wait to have more fun in the future! I believe not only everyone should have at least one toy, but also at least one lelo! THe Lelo Isla is one of my favorite vibrators.

This item was given to me by edenfantasys.com in return for my honest view. There may be variations in your outcomes and experiences.

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