Review: Groovy Chick by Rocks Off by Tassys

I haven’t had much luck in the past with discovering my G-Spot with a toy.. or even with fingers (with the exception of a few very uncommon occasions) so when I got the chance to check the Groovy Chick thanks to Rocks OffI it was like Sure!
I hate to admit that in the g-spot hunting expedition because of my aforementioned bad luck I wasn’t to hope I could discover it. Sometimes I doubt there’s that little booger!

Laugh at me, but most of the toys I’ve ever used outside, too. I’m really coming to put TOYS in my vagina right now! I understand, how strange am I correct? With all these toys I’ve had over the years, you’d think I wouldn’t be like that. As I say, though, I’m going to dildos and use stuff internally!
Enter the groovy girl in my new little buddy! It’s one of the most uncommon toys I’ve ever seen and added to my collection.
It’s fairly good packaging (ah, ha! I understand you’ve been waiting for the lol packaging to get to that stage). It comes in a fairly sturdy box with a display window where the toy and everything can be seen. One thing about this packaging that I really enjoyed is that it even tells you when the battery is best before! (Oh and of course batteries are always great!) It also encountered my cut as one to maintain as I like to maintain the initial packaging when it’s sturdy / nice enough to do that. Seriously, my closet is crying out for assistance. I’m doing this with everything from Toys to lol computer and camera boxes.
Ok, so I referred to it as a gadget that I think is a vibrator / toy in technical terms, but I think the term gadget suits the groovy girl really well! Includes a bullet atmosphere (RO-80 bullet) and is made of flexible silicone. If I had to explain the groovy chick’s shape to you, would I define it as similar to the manner you look at your thumb and first finger if you were to create a C? Is that meaningful?  I once saw a video about G-spots and learned that this kind of form was one of the simplest ways to discover your G-Spot!
I’m really pleased to report that Groovy Chick has been a ideal toy to assist me discover my G-Spot! I’m not going to say it’s the best choice for anyone trying to discover their G-spot, but I’m going to say it’s worth a try!  Especially when you have trouble finding yours.
As far as the toy’s vibrating part is concerned, I’m going to say it feels nice, but it didn’t really boost me so much in the clit region. I believe it might be because I enjoyed the stimulation of the G-Spot in a kind of daze!
So I do like this toy, and it has added it to my very tiny set of FAVORITES (which is really very tiny lol) and I would suggest that anyone who wants to discover their G-spot should give it a go!

Thanks to the rocks-off beautiful folks who provided this item in return for my honest view! It’s all honest ideas and views and my own! And thanks to them again for having been so patient that I got the evaluation!