Return to the swing of things

My BDSM encounters have happened less frequently in the previous year than in previous years.  I would have said that BDSM was an essential component of who I was before my last relationship.  To some extent I still feel that way, moreso that there are kinks within the spectrum of BDSM that I enjoy and feel that if they were not there my sex life would not be as complete.  In the BDSM lifestyle, there are words, sentences, and gestures that I react to very well.  The friends I met there are some of the most powerful bonds I’ve ever created in my whole life.  Not to mention the real community structure is a place I’ve previously discovered convenience and support.  But since my breakup, I have been compelled to re-evaluate my connection with BDSM since it was the first true opportunity I had to do something.

Many anticipated to return to the game, driven by some.  But I was hesitant.  I wasn’t in such a long time in a true BDSM meeting, my body and mind were prepared for it.  The way I connected with individuals had altered in how I judged my sexual partners.  Not to mention the ex kind of took over the one location I met with my kinky partners so I remained away from the site intentionally.  I didn’t want him to flirt or try to pick up somebody else.  Which made it extremely difficult to find someone with whom I would be prepared to meet, not that I was pushing for a fresh meeting… Then I had come to me with a beautiful woman, with no experience but a lot of desire.  The roles we perform in the true globe made me reluctant to make the leap to top her, but her willingness and desire to experience what my understanding kept me opened up a little bit.  We performed with another kid, and then with another kid.  Then I took the choice within myself that I would agree to top her with more debate and questions answered.  I put my tools on the table one night, letting her feel the leather drops on my flogger, testing the paddle lightly on her, letting her run her fingers through the rope, seeing the play stuff I’d use on my play stuff.  That was one thing that I always liked when I was downstairs, seeing all that could be used.  It always set my mind on fire, leaving me in the moment with more anticipation.

I left her and spread eagle on the bed in a short night gown and panties.  I used the rope to separate her ankles and expanded her arms over her head.  My fingertips ran across her internal thighs ‘ tender flesh.  She wiggled, the rope I rearranged.  I want to have no slack.  She was going to get tied and remain tied.   In the beginning I used my hands and a paddle.  I was recovering my footing and there were still some nerves that required to be soothed as sure as I was.  I saw her face, her eyes shut and her lip biting.  She was looking forward to this lovely look.  Within her panties, I put a toy, speed one.  A tease. A tease.  Her body was twisting, wanting more.  While I was teasing the vibrations, but on her thighs the mouth was biting and sucking.  When I got a good flesh bite and sucked inward, her body would move up the bullet velocity, her moans would get louder.  I had a rush of energy like that.  But that wasn’t where to leave the evening.  I pulled out the evening’s award, a wahl glass toy.  I collected what I required while maintaining her on the edge.

I kept the glass toy with one side, teasing it with the bulb end of it.  She whimpered, her body begged me inside of her to relieve it.  My other hand danced on her flesh, exploring all my possibilities.  Her skin was tender and smooth.  I softly pushed the glass into her after teasing for a while.  I could hear her sigh instantly with enjoyment and satisfaction.  I put the wahl on her clit, and the rumbles made her squeal with pleasure instantly.  I pushed the glass gently until I discovered the sweet place.  When her body reacted in the manner I knew it would send her well over the brink with enough stimulation.  I slowly rocked the glass as I rocked the wahl on her clit from side to side.  Her thighs began to shake.  Her arms were fighting the restrictions.  She attempted to close her legs, but I held them open and watched her lips slick with juice.  Together with the toy’s strength, my shallow continuous thrusts produced her noises louder and louder.  Her whole body began to move, and then I felt her pussy beginning to contract and push against the toy, I continued to ride the wave with persistence.  And I’ve been riding it, the power behind her thighs clamped around my head as my teeth claimed to be tender.  Five times the room was packed with screams and whimpers, her liquid spilling out along the toy grooves.

In the wake, her body shook.  She was deep in the land of pleasure and happiness as I unraveled her limbs on the rope.  My fingernails left goosebumps as a path over her.  I eased the toy from her when she was prepared, taking care of all my toys.  It’s the most crucial.  She commended me and my ability when her mind came back from the haze of orgasm.  She was astonished at the marks I left on her thighs and marks the rope on her ankle.  That night, she’d sleep fantastically.  And to get back into the game, it served me.  On my own terms and conditions.  So win / win.