Passion Wave review for MyPleasure (Tassy)

I like unique-ness in a adult toy, especially when it gets to the point that I have quite the collection! (Oh, and yeah, most of them are vibrators!) When I had the chance from MyPleasure to try the Passion Wave from California Exotics Novelties (I am coming around to them, I swear!) I thought, hey why not!

The wave came in a plain cellophane wrapper (whee, I didn’t have to look at some tacky naked gal on the package! As many of you know California Exotics in my opinion have the WORST packaging there is out there)

What really drew me to the product was the whole concept that it ripples like a wave when it is in use! I haven’t ever saw that in a toy before! Technically it doesn’t vibrate, it “Waves” so you can’t really classify It in a vibrators category. I read in the description on their site that it is supposed to mimic what happens during regular sex, but..I don’t quite agree with that.We will get there though!

The Passion Wave uses 3 AA batteries. To insert them you need to unscrew the bottom off of the toy, and there is a battery cage to put the batteries in. The cage part only fits back one way, so it is pretty easy to determine the right way to get it back inside of the toy. If you need a hint though, you can make sure the metal prongs are down and the side that fits 2 batteries is lined up with the controls of the toy!

The Passion Wave is a pink toy, which we all know is my favorite color. It is a very pale sort of pink. You can see through the toy portion at the top and see the little ripples. The toy is made out of TPE and it seemingly liked to catch lint,fuzzies, and about a million of sam’s (my cat) hairs on it.

It is a very soft and squishy feeling little gizmo.The controls are fairly simple. To turn the toy on you simply push the + button. To increase your wave speed, you can hit the + sign 2 more times, and of course to decrease the speed you just hit the – sign. You can also reverse the waves with the button on the bottom with the 2 arrows.

I found it to be fairly whiny, and pretty loud as a whole…A tiny bit annoying but hey, not the biggest deal on earth. I generally am not playing with toys with anyone other than the hubs around!

So what is my consensus about the Passion Wave? I do like it, and I like the idea that it is not exactly a vibrator. It was just a little bit awkward though. I haven’t really had much experience with something WAVING inside of me instead of VIBRATING inside of me, and well..I don’t know what to really think about it in the long run.

It was interesting, and different…but it kind of hurt! I don’t know, not like a bad horrible pain, but maybe because my insides are not used to such a feeling? I really don’t think that’s how sex feels, or at least not to me!

I will continue to try the wave a few more times and see if it becomes more of a likeable feeling! I’m not saying that the pain was unbearable or anything by any means..just.. different, and at the same time it feels pretty neat!

So If you are looking for something new, unusual, and all that type of thing I suggest that you might pick up this toy!It is definitely a different experience!

this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions from mypleasure