Fleshlight stamina review

The Fleshlight has become a big name in the adult toy industry, and now it’s not only for pleasure of male masturbation. That’s right, the Fleshlight is now being referred to as a stamina builder, which feels great for guys and leads to the increased satisfaction of ladies too. I am here to tell you a little more about this amazing toy, and why I am glad that I got it!  You don’t even have to pay full price, use a Fleshlight coupon.

First, I should say I’ve used Fleshlights in the past, and I have been a fan for a while. When I heard of the Fleshlight STU which refers to Stamina Training Unit, I had to try it. It was a new design, new purpose type of thing. So, I went for it, and I got it in just a few days.

When I got it, I couldn’t wait to open it that night and give it a go. It claims to improve stamina, rhythm, and techniques. To top it off, their claims include having orgasms that are more intense with a large improvement over controlling ejaculation.

The Design

Let’s get into the overall bare brass, the design of this toy. The inside is created using smooth bumps which forces the control over ejaculation with constantly stimulating the user. It’s also sold with a gold case (special edition), sample size lube and I was emailed an eBook too. Then there is the masturbation sleeve “SuperSkin”, which all comes in at $60.

The Feeling

After the design, is the important feeling the toy provides. The marble size balls located inside are likely around 100 or more which gives a speed bump feel. If you apply warm to hot water prior to use, this creates a real feel. This means, if you are not sexually experienced and/or ejaculate quickly within your partner, you are likely to last only a couple minutes with this Fleshlight.

In my opinion, the tightness of the STU is unrealistically tight. While there are probably some women out there this tight, from my experience it leads to unrealistic reality. But, that may be where the claim of lasting longer in your partner is?

The feeling can be changed up using cold water instead of hot, or by adjusting the suction with the end cap. So it’s also customizable.


  • Affordable price
  • Great feeling
  • Improves stamina over time


  • Tightness is unrealistic


Overall, I am glad that I got this as I have noticed a difference in stamina when in bed. It also feels great for those nights I’m alone. The tightness is a bit unrealistic, but may be what helps with building the stamina, so I can’t say much, besides it does feel great!

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