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What Is A Realistic Dildo?

Okay, so you are on the market for a dildo and seen the term ‘realistic dildo’, but not sure what it means. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone and this is very common to ask. The difference in a realistic dildo and regular ones are mainly shape and materials used. Instead of just being shape in the form of a penis, they mimic as close as possible, using textures, and skin like materials. There are some that are so realistic, it could be confused for the real deal.

When they make realistic dildo’s, it is common for special material to be used, including UR3 or Cyberskin. These are designed to feel very much like human skin. However, there are other materials used, which tend to have a firm inner core and softer outer layer.

When it comes to design, some will have professional sculptors come in to create lifelike designs. Others, will cast molds of males, including male porn stars. This gives the texture of the real deal, veins included.

The head of the penis on realistic dildos tend to allow for better penetration, G-spot stimulation or even anal. Veins add a natural texture that increase the pleasure, and many designs have a ball sack that can be used for strap-on or clit simulation. If you are wanting the closest thing to a penis, a realistic dildo is it.

How to Cool or Heat Glass Dildos

When you want something a bit more unique for your toy collection, a glass dildo is an option. If you have opted for this, then you may be wanting to use it for a more intense experience by heating it up or cooling it down, after all, those are a couple benefits of having a piece of glass between your legs, right?

There are proper ways of doing this to avoid it breaking, or becoming uncomfortable. This is known as temperature play, and uses your sense of touch to arouse you. You do not want your foreplay ruined by uncomfortable temperatures after all.

Heating it up

The safest way to heat your glass dildo is by letting it set in a bowl of warm or hot water for several minutes. This heats it up, but not too hot. Great for sexual arousal, but can also be used for soothing sore muscles!

Cooling it down

If you enjoy colder play, then you can easily enjoy cooling your glass dildo down too. Simply place it in a bowl of cold water for several minutes. If you want it colder, place ice cubes in the bowl. This cools it down, without the risk of breaking, cracking, etc.

Things to avoid

Never place in the freezer, this could cause it to break. Also, do not microwave as this can lead to it breaking, or having areas hotter than expected and burn you.

To ensure it’s not too hot or cold, test on the inside of your arm or wrist first.


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