Can orgasms be complex?

I’ve heard someone say before that orgasms are better than pizza because you can eat a bad pizza but you can never have a bad orgasms. Or something like that. But there are so many different kinds of orgasms and that is what fascinates me.

With my wahl my orgasms are rarely, if ever, subpar. Every time I use it there is muscle spasms, eye closing, lip biting, and delight at the end. Actually, this is the prime reason why it is the toy I use 99.4% of the time I masturbate. The times where I use something else (like the Lelo Gigi recently) in place of the wahl, my orgasms can be smaller. Only shutting my eyes tightly to ride over the waves. Not saying they always are, but they have the possibility to be.

But by far, what I have dubbed complex orgasms, fucking tops the charts. It’s the orgasm where you involuntarily moan/yell/scream/mewl***, your whole body magically feels better, warmer, tinglier, happier; your hands and feet curl and tense up: grabbing at whatever is beneath them, your body moves without a conscious thought behind it. You ride it, and it continues. After one orgasms stops another one has already begun to start, you start to feel younger, and more connected to everything for brief seconds, then you feel the movement subsiding. It leaves you trembling, with eyes closed. You open your eyes, catching a glimpse of the video on the screen in front of you, or a deliciously dirty thought reruns through your mind, and you somehow have one or maybe two aftershock orgasms. Small, but delicious. Perfect way to return to reality. You were gone for at least 2 minutes from first orgasm to last. And you still are weak and trembling. But happy and satiated at least for the next ten minutes.

***I had an ex who LOVED the word mewl in association with sex. I had to add that in.