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JimmyJane massage candle review by Tassy

Many of you may know from following my personal site/twitter and maybe even I have mentioned it here before that I have a lot of trouble with sleep. I Have tried many many things to try to get a better nights sleep!

I found out by accident that massage was my magic pathway to sleep! One morning I had woken up about 4 a/m and couldn’t sleep, and david rubbed my head a little bit and I went back to sleep. I decided to take it to the next level and well, I am ever so glad that I did!

Recently instead of being on a quest for vibrators, I have been on a quest for massage goodies. So when babeland gave me the chance to get a jimmyjane massage candle I was beyond excited!

I like the idea of a massage candle for the simple fact you get the warmth of the liquid, and you get to enjoy the candle as a prelude to the massage!

I received the candle in the cucumber water scent, which is a fairly nice smell that reminds me of summer. Even when it isn’t lit I can smell it in my room!

The candle is available in several other scents including Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, and Pink Lotus.

I was bit confused in the respect that on the description page at babeland, it says that matches and a body brush included, and I didn’t receive either..but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I think they would have been awesome extra’s though!

The candle has natural ingridents like jojoba, shea butter, Vitamin E and Aloe too, so it’s really good for your skin

I had tried a few other candles over time (2 other brands) and I had found them to either A. take forever and ever to melt and /or B> they are sticky!  With this candle, it melted in around 30 minutes,and the liquid stays that way for about 30 minutes which gives you plenty of time! Plus, you don’t have to plan for a massage way in advance! Also, it wasn’t sticky at all!

Another unique feature of the candle was it is in a fairly nice white ceramic container with a pour spout, which makes it easier to pour of course!. The candle lasts up to 32 hours which means it should last a fairly decent amount of time!

In all, I am really enjoying my candle! I love getting my warm massages and SLEEP for the first time in goodness knows when! I def. recommend massage as a way to help your body relax and get the sleep that you deserve! I can’t wait to get to maybe check out some of the other scents of these candles in the future!

this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion from I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions and statements are honest & my own.

The Good, the Bad, but Never the Ugly

So having dated someone who frequented bars often, and just recently turning 21, I have spent a lot of time this past year in various bars.  Probably about half of those times I was with friends and without an ‘after bar’ companion.  Being a good looking, outgoing, and friendly female that means that inevitably I get hit on.  It probably helps that I usually have my two favorite accessories, my smile and cleavage.  I have a fun time while drinking, and I don’t mind including new friends (or more accurately new men) in my fun.

I am not shy however in stating that I have some standards in my choice of bar men.  Bar men are different than the men I date, or sometimes even different than the men I even choose to look at outside of the bar atmosphere.  I sometimes want the good guy, the guy who is out for a rare night on the town.  It is like you are showing them a different side to life.  You take hold of the night and bring fantasies to life.  I like these guys.  The good guys are good guys for different reasons but the biggest thing that they have in common is that they listen to what you will and won’t do.  These aren’t guys who are out at the bar every Tuesday night, so when you say you don’t do anal with a first time partner they listen.  They listen because they probably wouldn’t have ever thought to put anything up your butt in the first place.

The bad boy is a whole different species.  The bad boy is the one who tries to put it up your butt TWICE after saying you don’t do that with first time partners.  He carries himself with a (sometimes fake) confidence because he has fucked every regular in the bar you are in already.  Most nights you want to steer clear of these guys because they are mostly arrogant assholes who only deliver pleasure half the time.  However the bad boys are the ones that the other half the time will leave you with a memory hotter than sin itself, which makes them worth the trouble.

With all this being said, bar men should NEVER be ugly.  Bar men are not men you bring home to mother.  Bar men are not men who do dinner and then on a walk down Michigan Avenue.  Bar men are men who ignite the fiery passion and make you want to suck, lick, touch, and fuck all night long.  Just because you meet a guy in a bar doesn’t mean he’s a bar man.  Just because he wears a leather coat and rides a Harley doesn’t mean he’s a bad boy either.  Bad boys can wear Ralph Lauren and drive BMWs.  So ladies, listen to the advice, make sure your bar men are hot.  There is absolutely no reason that you should even entertain someone who doesn’t light you up.


(Author’s Note: Bar Men = men you pick up in a bar for sex.)

Can orgasms be complex?

I’ve heard someone say before that orgasms are better than pizza because you can eat a bad pizza but you can never have a bad orgasms. Or something like that. But there are so many different kinds of orgasms and that is what fascinates me.

With my wahl my orgasms are rarely, if ever, subpar. Every time I use it there is muscle spasms, eye closing, lip biting, and delight at the end. Actually, this is the prime reason why it is the toy I use 99.4% of the time I masturbate. The times where I use something else (like the Lelo Gigi recently) in place of the wahl, my orgasms can be smaller. Only shutting my eyes tightly to ride over the waves. Not saying they always are, but they have the possibility to be.

But by far, what I have dubbed complex orgasms, fucking tops the charts. It’s the orgasm where you involuntarily moan/yell/scream/mewl***, your whole body magically feels better, warmer, tinglier, happier; your hands and feet curl and tense up: grabbing at whatever is beneath them, your body moves without a conscious thought behind it. You ride it, and it continues. After one orgasms stops another one has already begun to start, you start to feel younger, and more connected to everything for brief seconds, then you feel the movement subsiding. It leaves you trembling, with eyes closed. You open your eyes, catching a glimpse of the video on the screen in front of you, or a deliciously dirty thought reruns through your mind, and you somehow have one or maybe two aftershock orgasms. Small, but delicious. Perfect way to return to reality. You were gone for at least 2 minutes from first orgasm to last. And you still are weak and trembling. But happy and satiated at least for the next ten minutes.

***I had an ex who LOVED the word mewl in association with sex. I had to add that in.

Getting back into the swing of things

My BDSM encounters in the past year have occurred way less often than in the years before that.  Prior to my last relationship I would have said that BDSM was an integral part of who I was.  To a certain degree I feel that way still, moreso that there are kinks within the spectrum of BDSM that I enjoy and feel that my sex life would not be as complete if they were not there.  There are words, phrases, and gestures that are cultivated in the BDSM lifestyle that I respond to very well as well.  The friends that I have met there are some of the strongest bonds I have made in my entire life.  Not to mention the structure of the actual community is a place where I have found comfort and support before.  But I have been forced to reevaluate my relationship with BDSM since my breakup since it was the first real chance I had to do something.

Getting back into the game was expected by many, pushed by some.  But I hesitated.  I hadn’t been in a real BDSM encounter in so long, my body nor my mind was ready for it.  The way I connected with people, the way I judged my sexual partners had changed.  Not to mention the ex sort of took over the one place that I met my kinky partners so I purposefully stayed away from the site.  I didn’t want to see him flirting or trying to pick up others.  Which made it immensely hard to find someone who I would be willing to make that encounter with, not that I was pushing for a new encounter…

Then I had a lovely lady come to me, with no experience but plenty of desire.  The roles we play in the real world made me hesitant to make the plunge to top her, but her desire and willingness to experience what my knowledge held made me open up a little.  We played together, with another boy, and then another.  Then with more discussion and questions answered I made the decision within myself that I would agree to top her.  One evening I laid out my instruments on the bed, letting her feel the leather falls on my flogger, testing the paddle on her lightly, letting her run her fingers through the rope, see the play things I would use on my play thing.  That was one thing I always enjoyed when I was bottoming, seeing everything that could be used.  It always set my mind ablaze and left me with more anticipation in the moment.

I left her in a short nightgown and panties, spread eagle on the bed.  I used the rope to keep her legs apart and her arms extended above her head.  My fingertips ran over the tender flesh of her inner thighs.  She wiggled, I readjusted the rope.  I didn’t want any slack.  She was to be tied down and stay tied down.   I used my hands, and a paddle, at first.  I was regaining my footing, and as sure as I was there were still some nerves that needed to be soothed.  I looked at her face, eyes closed and biting her lip.  She had this beautiful look of anticipation.  I placed a toy inside her panties, speed one.  A tease.  Her body writhed, wanting more.  While I teased with the vibrations, but mouth was biting and sucking on her thighs.  When I would get a nice bite of flesh and suck inward, upping the bullet speed her body would move, her moans would get louder.  I had such a power rush.  But that was not where the evening was to be left.  I pulled out the prize of the evening, a glass toy with the wahl.  While keeping her on edge I gathered what I needed.

With one hand I held the glass toy, teased her with the bulb end of it.  She whimpered, her body begging me to just ease it inside her.  My other hand danced on her flesh, exploring everything within my reach.  Her skin was soft and tender.  After teasing for a while I gently pressed the glass into her.  I could hear her sigh with pleasure and contentment immediately.  I placed the wahl on her clit, the rumbles immediately making her squeal with delight.  I softly thrust with the glass until I found the sweet spot.  When her body responded in the way that I knew would, with enough stimulation, send her well over the edge.  I rocked the glass slowly, with pressure, as I rocked the wahl from side to side on her clit.  Her thighs started trembling.  Her arms struggled against the restraints.  She tried to close her legs but I kept them expertly open, watching as her lips slickened with juice.  My shallow consistent thrusts, along with the power of the toy made her noises get louder and louder.  Her whole body started moving, and then I felt her pussy start to contract and move against the toy, I continued, persistent to ride the wave.  And ride it I did, the power behind her thighs clamped around my head as my teeth laid claim to her tenderness.  The moans and whimpers filled the room five times over, her liquid spilling out along the grooves of the toy.

Her body shook in the aftermath.  She was deep in the land of contentment and bliss as I unraveled the rope from her limbs.  My fingernails traced over her, leaving goosebumps as a trail.  When she was ready I eased the toy from her, taking care with all my toys.  Her being the most important one.  When her mind returned from the orgasm haze she praised me and my skill.  She awed over the marks I left on her thighs, and the rope marks on her ankle.  She would sleep fantastically that night.  And it served for me to get back into the game.  On my own terms.  So win/win.

A Day in the Life of a Pornstar

It’s a sad reality of today that pornstars aren’t considered human beings. Most people, typically the ones addicted to watching porn, think of them as material objects rather than human beings with thoughts and emotions. These women are looked down upon and called names. In our opinion, they’re working women that are employees of an organization. They deserve the respect that any working woman deserves. But, unfortunately a pornstar is only defined by her work.

So, let’s get into some details. Women pornstars are heavily paid, we all know that. They’re even paid more than men because it’s harder for them. Pornstars often say that they can’t record more than 2 or 3 movies per month because they need to recover from the previous scenes.

We should discuss these women’s lives outside of work. The majority of the females in the adult industry have pretty exciting hobbies. Biking, hunting, sky diving; you name it, these women lead pretty exciting lives.

There are some women that have typical hobbies too. Some like ordinary things like cooking, jogging and painting. The reason of this article is familiarizing the audience with the lives of pornstars. People imagine women that have a vibrator in their hand the entire day; while the truth is quite opposite. In our unbiased opinion, we should look at them as people rather than as pornstars. An actor might be playing a heel character but we don’t expect them to be bad in real life. Then, why do we think of adult actresses as sluts?

Top 3 Richest Female Pornstars in the World

No doubt, porn is an ever-growing industry that will only get better with the course of time. To the surprise of most people, it is a highly profitable profession with most of its participants earning 6-digits. But, there are a few impeccable ladies that are worth more than what most people make in their entire lifetimes.

Jenna Jameson – $30 Million

It’s impossible that anyone here hasn’t heard of the notorious “Queen of Porn”. She was once at the top of the food chain but her career started to fade away. She would eventually resort to other professions. She was a manager for the ex-UFC Champion Chuck Liddell. She’s made a fortune by selling sex toys and eventually selling her company to Playboy.

Terra Patrick – $17 Million

Patrick is probably one of the most astonishing brunettes you’ll ever see. Terra is quite the jack of all trades with her degrees in microbiology and nursing. She started off her career as a model but eventually worked her way to the porn industry. She’s no doubt the smartest woman of the porn industry.

Jesse Jane – $10 Million

Jesse Jane is another woman that is really multi-talented. She has worked as an actor, but most of her work is adult-related. She rose to fame with her Pirates series which was a pornographic replica of the “Pirate of the Caribbean”. The woman has her own brand of tequila that contributed to her wealth.

The Porn Industry – Then Vs Now

The Porn Industry is quite a changing industry. But, one can’t possibly find out whether it is changing for the better of worse. There are several major changes in porn since the 70s. We’ll list a few of them down below:

Easier Access

Back in the day, people would have to rent porn DVDs from the local store. It was quite a hassle, not to mention that you would have to pay for porn. But, these days, the internet has put porn at the distance of a single click. You can just Google “porn” and you’d find endless websites providing free content.

Spike in Viewership

Don’t compare the audience of today with the audience of the 70s. PornHub reports that since 2010, a 1,424 percent increase in viewership was noticed. People today resort to porn for comfort. For instance, you might have heard about the false nuclear missile warning in 2018. Some idiot spread the news that North Korea launched a missile at Hawaii. Right after the news was dismissed, PornHub saw a 48% increase in viewership.

Underage Audience

This is another thing that is wrong with the modern day porn industry. Kids can easily access porn on their phones and tablets and parents can do close to nothing about it. Back in the day, a kid would consider himself the luckiest child ever if they managed to find a porn DVD from the attic. But, these days, the favorite hobby of minors is to browse PornHub and it’s a massive problem for society.

Why Pornstars Are Mentally Stressed?

August Ames and Pornstar Harassment

Harassment is a great part of the adult industry and almost every one participating in it facing some form of harassment. Although, male stars aren’t that affected, females are the one that get the brunt of the impact. This has been discussed hundreds of times over the internet where pornstars were getting bullied online as well as in their personal lives. People don’t view them as human beings, but instead they view them as women that are selling their body for cash. But, in our honest opinion, people shouldn’t be skeptical about their line of work because they’re working hard to earn their salary. But, unfortunately, our community isn’t that keen on being soft. Instead, they take to twitter and bash every porn star they can find.

A good example of pornstar getting harassed would be August Ames. The 23-year old was quickly rising in ranks after winning two awards from AVN. But, her path to success was cut short when she was found dead in her apartment. The official statement was that she committed suicide.

Prior to her suicide, she sent out a tweet saying that she doesn’t want to be involved in scenes with men that have been involved in gay sex. The public was a bit dramatic about this incident which was caused by harassment on Twitter. We’re not exactly saying that a pornstar died. We’re saying that a woman committed suicide because she was being bullied around by people she had no relation to.

What Is An Anal Dildo?

If you enjoy the feeling of anal stimulation, you are now able to get the sensation without having anal sex, by using anal dildo’s instead. You will find that anal dildos are one of the more popular types of sex toys as they allow you to experiment with penetrating your backdoor comfortably and safely.

You are able to use them in solo un, or with a partner if you choose. You can even have them for that ‘special occasion’ or for preparingyourself for anal with your partner. Anal dildos are specially designed for the purpose, and have many features that separate them from regular dildos.

First, the base of an anal dildo has a more flared base which limits how far in they can be inserted. This makes sure something doesn’t get lost. Flared bases also allow it to be strapped on into a harness in some cases for that role reversal experience. Various flared bases have a built-in suction cup so that you are able to place your dildo where you want, and it will stay put.

Anal dildo’s also use a different type of material; they are special materials that are hygienic. This makes them easy to clean and maintain. The materials include glass, metal and silicone, among others.

Generally, anal dildos are smaller than your regular ones too. Compared to the average 1.5-inch wide and 6-inch-long dildo, an anal dildo is usually about 1 inch by 4 inches.


What Are Double-Ended Dildos

When it comes to partner play, the double ended dildo is top of the charts. Although, it won’t matter if you are looking to enjoy bumping with your partner or just checking to see just how deep you can go, these bad boys just look outrageous.

Basically, a double dildo is just that, a special toy that uses the design of two dildo’s combined in the middle to create one long Johnson. Each end has a head, with the average length of a double dildo measuring 10” to 16” long. There are specialty items that measure up to 2 feet or more in length too.

The materials used are flexible and soft, often made from TPR or TPE, which allows for easy flexibility and comfortability no matter how deep you go.

Originally, the double-ended dildos were designed with lesbians in mind, where each woman would insert an end and grind together. Another way they were used are as strapless strap on, where one women would place the toy in her, then use the other end on her partner. Now, these toys are used by all types, even straight couples. It can be used for enjoying joint anal stimulations.

When compared to other toys, there are some lacking features, but due to the size of these bad boys, they’re not likely to get stuck or lost unexpectedly.