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Tassy Reviews Pinup Vibe and Bombshell Balm

I own many many vibrators and other assorted goodies as we all know. What I like the best is when something simple totally blows me away. Recently, I got the chance to get such an item from Babeland! I got the Pinup Vibe & Bombshell balm set which I had been lusting after for quite sometime. I don’t know why, but It has always seemingly called out to me! I guess now I know why!

The Pinup vibe &  bombshell balm set is available in 3 colors, and I got the silver. It comes in a plastic outter packaging with some general info. The cutest part of all is your main storage is a metal tin with a picture of a pinup gal on the front of it!

Inside you will find your balm, which also has afore mentioned pinup gal on it,and a basic bullet vibe. I don’t know if I would use basic to describe it in the long run though, because I was SERIOUSLY impressed with the quality of this vibe! There is also an extra N battery for your vibe too!

The Balm…. The Vibe…it is all so very good, I don’t know which one to start with honestly! I suppose I will start off with the vibe, because I really wasn’t expecting to be as impressed with it as I ended up being!

Usually in my experience, when you get the  “standard issue” bullet vibes like these, they honestly end up being fairly sucky and don’t  hold up that great. Also , a l ot of them seem to take button batteries (the “size” escapes me but you know  what I’m saying, I’m sure!)

This vibe was heavier (in a good way) had a texture to it, and took a N type battery. The battery installation is simple, just unscrew the end of the vibe, pop in your battery and screw it back on. The controls are also easy, you just need to push the button on the end of the toy.

There are 3 speeds and they are pretty decent as well. I think the weight and texture made it feel like it wasn’t cheaply made, and that it could hold up over time. I was also happy with the N type battery because it seemed to give more of a decent vibration.

I don’t have too much experience with  pleasure Balms & Gels and all those types of goodies, I think I’ve only ever tried one other, and I did like it, but it was a bit messy and sticky (gel). This balm was a novel idea..not so runny, not so sticky, and…well unlike the gel I had..I could feel it working the first time that I used it.

The ingriedents of the balm are Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Grape seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Capric Triglyceride, Cacao Butter, Peppermint Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylparaben, Soybean Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Avocado Oil, Isopropyl Acetate, Bisabolol, phenoxyethenol, Wheat Bran Extract, Matricacaria Flower Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, BHT, Linoleic Acid, Limonene, Linaloo

In all I really liked this set. It is cute, the vibe is made very well, the balm makes me feel very well, and well.. Yes.. there is not anything I can think of about it I don’t like. Well done!  Highly recommended!

this item was provided to me by babeland in exchange for my honest opinion

Tassy Reviews Picobong Ipo [babeland]

I recently tried the Picobong Ipo thanks to Babeland. Picobong is apparently a lower end version of lelo, who you know I absolutely adore!

I hate to say it but you can totally tell that they skimped on these products from the get go!
The Ipo comes in basic packaging, much like any other toy you get now a days (unless it is a premium toy of course!) Nothing fancy, Nothing even middle of the road. Just a plain plastic type deal with a window where you can see the toy, and a die (as in if you had two, you’d say dice!)

I was really excited because the ipo fits on your finger(let me say though I have tiny fingers, and it was a tight as far as the average person I’m not sure it will fit at all!) And of course, i’m always happy to try out new vibrators!
Now let me get into this whole “Die” thing from the get go. In the book that comes with the toy, it says to go to their website to find out what the die is for. So, like a good little girl I scooted off to their site to figure it out. Their site, which I will just quickly describe as dizzying, didn’t tell me a thing about this die!

I looked up Ipo, found the FAQ and when the question came up about the die, they answered “we were hoping that you could tell us”. So yeah, I have no clue what the die is for!
So you have crappy packaging, a die that I don’t know it’s purpose of, but let’s keep going. Unfortunately it gets worse, which we’ll get to. Now the quality of the materials that the Ipo is made with is silicone/plastic blend, which is body safe and easy to clean.
The vibrator is waterproof, near silent (I agree it was pretty quiet!) has 12 modes and works off one AAA battery. There is a note in the user manual about if you use rechargeable batteries that you will have an decreased vibration intensity. Battery installation is easy and all you have to do is unscrew the base of the toy and insert the battery.
Controling the toy is also easy, written down the side of the toy is Picobong. In the inside of the P is the – button and in the inside of the b is your + button. Of course you hold down the + to get it going and turn up the patterns and the – does the opposite. To start the vibrator into it’s patterns you have to turn the speed up to the highest setting and then hold the + sign for 2 secs. To go back to normal you hold the – button for 2 seconds.
Cleaning the toy is easy just using soap and water! Also because it is a silicone toy you need to use water based lube.
In all I didn’t care for this toy…. The vibrations were not enough punch for me. I like the concept of the finger hole but that’s really about all it had going on for it.

The low grade packaging and a die that I don’t know what it is for doesn’t really help me improve my opinions either ! I think it’s nice lelo has decided to make a more “afordable” (well this thing is a bit pricey, but still) toy line, but I think they need to work on it just a tiny tiny bit.

If you are new to vibrators or require a very low vibration you might want to check this one out!

i was provided with this product from babeland in exchange for my honest opinions!

Tassy Reviews: Lelo Isla

Quite a while back Eden Fantasys gave me chance to review the Lelo Isla, and I was like, well why not? J I actually thought I already had this review up, and I got to looking into it, and realized that I hadn’t! I know they still love me anyways over there, but I apologize for my oversight! Next time, I promise I’ll try to do better!

So you probably already know that I am like all goo goo ga every time I get something Lelo to review!  This was no exception, especially since I’m also on a G-spot kick as well!

Eden Fantasys always has unmarked packaging , just the standard post office shipping box with the return address as web merchants and all of that. I am very thankful, because even though it’s just David and I around here, I’d hate to think what the mail people/ups/fedex would think of me getting all these adult items all the time!  Plus, you know if I lived with my parents that would be beyond embarrassing!

Of course, you get the whole fancy Lelo packaging with your outer regular card board box, you know with tthe picture of the toy and all the black background and such? Then there is the more upscale fancy black packaging you are accustomed to with any lelo (well, with any lelo that I personally have gotten). You know a little bit better than cardboard, impression lelo logo…all that good fancy stuff!

When you lift the lid, you’ll find the Isla there nestled in velvet , and in the little side pocket you will find /stashed underneath you will find a storage bag( I’m a package whore as we all know but this thing would work fine if you aren’t  one yourself!) the charger, all the paperwork, including instructions and warranty and even a package of lube!  Also, you will find tucked beside in the Isla  in it’s own cutout the lelo insignia pin.

One of the reasons that I was really excited to get this toy, other than the fact that it was an Lelo is the fact that it is a G-Spot toy! You all know that I have been on a huge G-spot kick ever since I finally discovered that it does exist for me!

The Lelo isla has a shape that I can’t begin to really give a name to, let alone describe ! it kind of has a loop shape in general, and  then down towards where the touch pad controls are it has a hole , where if you have little fingers and hands like me, you can use to hold it in a different sort of way!

So, some of the most awesome things about the toy? The rechargeable part (really, I hate scrambling for batteries), Silicone, which is pretty much one of the safest toy materials out there, and also even though I am yet to use a toy in water, it is fully water proof. Also featured? 6 modes of speeds and the charge can last up to 4 hours. Oh and traveling? It has a lock mode. Plus, it’s pretty darn quiet!

Since I sort of know where to go with my g-spot finding, and that is a good thing, but  I think that with this toy you would be able to find success even if you were a newbie to the g-spot world! I don’t know though, because I have heard ALL women don’t have a g-spot, so goodness only knows! Which honestly, why do they not research the g-spot more i’d really like to know!

The controls  are easy to manage, there are 3 buttons which are +, – and a button in the middle.  The buttons are  pretty standard and easy to figure out. Middle is kind of your pattern menu and the + and – do exactly that!  The patterns range from slow pulsing to very random pulses.

The isla, just like any other lelo toy / item that I have had the chance to enjoy delivered a really nice experience, and I was glad for the chance to get to add it to my collection. I can’t wait to get to enjoy it more in the future! I think that not only should everyone not only own at least one toy, but at least one lelo as well!

this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion by Your results and experiences may vary.

Tassy Reviews Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel (Warming)

Continuing onward in my journey of non vibrating , but still adult goodies to review I recently tried Kama Sutra Intensify Plus Female arousal gel “warming“.I would like to thank envyusonline for letting me try this item out! Now, usually I shy away from things that are “warming” because usually in the past I have been so very sensitive to these types of things.
I don’t think I have tried anything warming in about 4 years or longer, back when I had my hpv & such because it really really was painful to just normally have sex for the most part, let alone to try to put something warming on!
This gel was my first experience with the Kama Sutra line as well. I hate to say that I was pretty disappointed, but I was! (we’ll get to that part though!)
The gel comes in a cardboard box that is shades of red with black.. pretty standard issue type of box. It has the ingredients on one side panel which include: Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sucrose (Sugar), Polysorbate 80, Flavor, Methyl Salicylate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Cinnamal, Arginine HCl, Ornithine, Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto) Fruit Extract, Turnera Diffusa Leaf Extract, Arnica Montana (Montana Flower) Extract, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben
On the back of the box you will find a blurb about how to use the gel in about 4 different languages. Basically it is dermatologist tested, stain free and of course for use externally! All you do is squeeze a bit of the gel on your clit and you should get a volia warming sensation.
The gel itsself is in a pinkish red tube with info on the back about the gel. The tube has a twist off lid and 0.5 oz of gel inside.
I was pretty excited to have a warming sensation especially since I hadn’t really ever got to have that sort of a feeling. Oh what a let down! It says use sparingly which I did..and nothing..David and I kept messing around and I couldn’t feel it. So I tried more..and nothing. I mean all I got was the wet clit feeling.  I also tried it later on by myself just to see if anything changed, because I had a gel before that took more than once to work. NOTHING. I don’t know. Maybe Miss Kitty is broke or something?
So, I can’t really write anything else about it, because there isn’t anything else to say except it was disappointing. I do hope though, that maybe I can try some more of kama sutra’s other goodies because I know they have massage oils and other romantic goodies which you can find along with many other awesome goodies at envyusonline!

I was provided this product from in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.

Tassy reviews: Hidden Treasure Vibe for Babeland!

Ah. How I Love Vibrators. Yup.I’m Tassy. I have an addiction. LOL. Thanks to the wonderful people at babeland I recently got something new to keep it going. This time I got the Hidden Treasure Vibe

One of the first vibes that I ever reviewed was the Pirates Rocket, and when I saw this one come up I was like ooh I want!!

The Hidden Treasure vibe really got me on the fact that it was A. Pretty and B. came with a neat storage option. They are available in Pink, Pearl, and Black & Gold.

The one that I got is a pink color, but i think it’s more towards purple in my opinion. The treasure case and the vibe itsself match quite nicely and have these little studs down the side (silver) and around the top of the vibe. Honestly, they could have put some real (fake) crystals on there and kicked it up a notch! The vibe & treasure case also have really faint pirate designs in white on them. Pretty!

The treasure case isn’t hinged, which was a little bit of a disappointment to just lift off the top and reveal the toy. The bottom part of it is satin lined but the top have is a standard hard plastic shell that is shaped like the toy for some reason..a bit odd!

The vibe itsself is quite simple to use: it is a push button at the bottom of the toy, with 3 speeds and is splash proof. It requires the use of of only 1 AA battery, and the speeds are pretty powerful to come from just that one battery! The vibrator is semi-quiet and it can be used internally or externally as you wish!

I think that the toy feels nice as well. it’s not heavy. it’s not to big or to small. it feels shiny, if that makes any since’s kinda..slick I suppose is what I’m trying to say. I liked it alot.

As far as packaging, which is something that I always try to mention in my’s nothing fancy, but then again it isn’t tacky either! it’s your typical plastic container and nothing more. Then again you get the pretty storage container to make up for all that!

if your looking for a pretty decent punch off of 1 batter, a nice feeling vibe, and a pretty vibe, well look no further than this little beauty!

this item was provided to me in exchange for writing an honest review by babeland. all opinions are my own & I am not required to give a positive review.

Tassy Reviews: Bedrooom Kandi Make Me Over

In my quest to find unique and awesome vibrators (because honestly, those are my favorite kinds!) I recently got the chance from Babeland to try out the Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over
The Bedroom Kandi Make me over Is made by the great folks at ohmibod which is aweome. I liked the concept of the toy from the get go. It resembles a powder puff/compact! I thought, hmm there would be an nice one to take on a trip. If someone sees it they aren’t going to think of it as more than a compact,and so forth.
This toy comes in a mostly black box that has the bedroom kandi logo, name of the toy and OhMiBod on the front. On the back there is a white panel with a picture of the compact and the make me over. It also tells you about the toy such as: there are 7 patterns, it is made out of body friendly material-silicone, rechargable (up to 1hr of use)and splash proof.

The compact which is your storage case also doubles as the charger, so it mentions that you have a custom storage and charging case, powerful motor (whisper quiet) and the fact that there is a usb charger & 1 year warranty!
When you open the outer cardboard box you will find a sturdier black hinged box simply with the bedroom kandi logo on it,and inside in a satin-ish liner you will find the toy & storage case.

There is also a booklet, and the usb portion of the charger can be found underneath the actual compact/toy.The booklet goes over things like what is in the box, how to operate the toy,the charging process, care and cleaning and so forth.
The one thing that semi bugs me about this toy, which will sound SO STUPID is that the compact and the toy don’t match. I know, how picky of me right? I don’t mind that the compact is black and gold (my college colors are black and gold) but the toy is pink. And I like things to match!!I think maybe a white/pink compact would have been nice or even to have had the toy as black and gold? I know they were going for the whole compact/make up thing but thats my 2 cents for what it is worth!
When you open up your compact the top part is a mirror, which is cute, because you might want a quick check of yourself before you start your playing, if playing with a partner, and maybe even afterwards  The toy is face down, and the backside is black. There is a silicone(i suppose?) strap where you can slide your hand into , to hold on to the toy. It worked well for me because I have the littlest hands on the planet! So I don’t know about someone who had “normal” sized hands lol.
This toy is rechargeable, so no need to worry about hunting down and installing batteries!
To turn on the toy you simply only need to find the – and + button on the back which is right above the bedroom candy logo & strap. Hold the + sign and away you go! this is also how you will cycle through your patterns! To turn off hold the – sign in. It says it’s only like 3 seconds you have to hold the buttons down for off and on but they seem ilke longer in my opinion!
Another part of this toy I thought was awesome was that it can be used for a simple massage! Everyone knows i’m all about massage lately and on the lowest setting I have found this one to help me relax!
With 7 speeds/patterns there seems to be something to please everyone. There is your basic slow, medium and high vibrations..Even the lowest one doesn’t annoy me (and i’m basically a person who can’t even really get into low vibrations at all)  The first pattern escapes me as a way to explain it, and i’ve been calling it “snake” mode. I guess more like a waves thing going on? the 5th patterns is a series of dashes, the 6th higher frequency dashes and the final is dots and dashes. Phew!
One thing that was really nifty is this toy has perfect storage since it’s made like a compact/puff. You simply put the puff in color side down, can shut the lid plug in your USB charger into the port on the back and charge away!
So far I have to say this toy is one of the cutest toys I have had the chance to play with and the vibrations didn’t disappoint an old pro like myself, who doesn’t just get off with any toy anymore (which is kind of sad no? lol) I love the concept of the compact & puff and the discreetness of it all. I also like that you can use it to give a massage as well. I also like the shape of the actual toy in general..the circle seems to disapate the vibrations in a unique way as opposed to a traditional toy…pretty nifty.
In all, I fully recommend this toy  to someone looking for a discreet, unique, multi functional toy.
I was provided this toy by in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. These are my thoughts & opinions and yours may vary. I was not required to write an honest review.

Tassy Reviews Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty

On one hand I love panties. On the other, I love vibrators. Well, put the hands together and you have the latest thing I got to review from babeland! I got to review their Remote Vibe Panty!
Now these aren’t  like  actual panties that vibrate or something, dont get the wrong idea! You get a VIBRATOR and PANTIES so you can use them TOGETHER or SEPERATE! how awesome right? That’s what i’m saying! And to top it all off..there’s a remote control for the vibe!
The panties & vibrator(w/remote!) come in a black satin bag and even come with 2 sets of batteries! I always love when you get batteries with things, especially when they might be an odd size, which these are.(: 2 N (4 included), 1 23A 12-volt battery (2 included).)
The panties themselves are quite cute in my opinion, I love the panties that tie on the sides!  They are black in color,and are 97% satin. The lining is 100% cotton. The suggested way to clean them is by hand and to let them hang to dry.

They fit from a 25″-65″ hips. Of course, they offer a pouch positioned right over the clit to add the bullet portion of the vibrator as well.
The vibrator and remote are pink in color and offer a range of up to 16ft.

The bullet part of the vibrator is made out of ABS plastic with rubber cote and it is a little heavy in my opinion! It isn’t too big of a deal, but it was definitely something that took me a little bit of getting used to. It is capable of several different speeds and patterns as well.
I found the vibrations to be pretty varrying in range, and the patterns to be fairly nice as well. I haven’t worn this thing into public yet, and I don’t know if that would be something that I would be comfortable with, but that’s just the way I am.
I think though, if you were to wear it out into public as long as you wore it somewhere loud like a club or something noone would be able to hear the vibrations. I personally wore it around the house and even over the tv noone could really hear or tell what was going on (My bro in law was over).
I think that david had some fun with this one, and it was a way that he  could play with me a little bit before we went to do our thing, even though we had company.

That seems to always be an issue with us, when his bro is over we can’t get anything done because it’s like we are in a hurry. I have to say this really helped out with that.

I got the vibrations and the naughty feeling all in one foul swoop ! It helped get things going so that we could have more fun than we normally would some weekends!

I highly recommend you try it out if your looking for a little bit of spice and adventure!

I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion from babeland

Tassy reviews babelands massage oil

I recently wrote about how massage is the only thing that really helps me sleep! I think part of my problems started back in college when I used to have some of my now ex boys stop by in the middle of the night and such! You have no idea how crazy I your dear Tassy used to be lol.

In keeping up my nightly massages I was happy that babeland offered to send me some of their very own Babeland Body Massage Oil! I have found that oils & massage candles do so much better than baby oil and lotions!

I picked the oil in the lavender and vanilla scent, because to me there are no more relaxing smells  other than lavender and vanilla! It is just so soul warming to me! The oil is also available in blackberry vanilla musk and Himalayan white tea.

The oil comes in a standard bottle, and I was glad that it was sealed underneath to prevent leaking! The size of the bottle is 5oz which is fairly generous when you are talking about liquid weight!

The smell was heavenly, and I was really impressed with the texture. It is made only out of sweet almond oil and fragrance as well! It does lean more towards the lavender side than vanilla, but it wasn’t too big of a deal to me. Like I say I find both scents relaxing and to put them together would just be a bonus

It is also a very light & non sticky oil that doesn’t sink in straight away, which I also found a plus!

In general I have enjoyed getting massaged with this oil! I am glad to have it in my collection to help aide me in my sleep

I received this product in exchange from babeland for my honest opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. All opinions stated are honest and my own. Your Opinions might vary.

Tassy Reviews Babeland Bondage Tape!

Bondage is such fun! hee hee. *insert silly giggles here* I haven’t tried near as much as i’d like. Mostly because I don’t think David is really into it that much. He tries, but I really don’t think it is his cup of tea. I think he is starting to come around to it though!

I recently saw that babeland had the babeland  bondage tape back up for review. I am just now getting back into my adult reviews after taking a bit of time off, so I figured hey that looks neat-o I want to try it!

The babeland bondage tape is black in color, which for some reason black always just screams NAUGHTY to me, I don’t know why. Maybe i’m just odd, which we all know, but anyways..

The packaging is pretty simple, but it’s cute. It’s tape for goodness sakes so what do you expect? It is in a roll like normal roll of tape(think duct tape!) wrapped in plastic with a label that is pink that says babeland! You get 60 ft of it! One thing I like is it’s 2 inches wide, so it’s nice and thick as well.

The babeland bondage tape says that it doesn’t stick to skin, which was the most interesting part of all for me.. I mean it’s tape! It has to stick to skin right?’s like magic…it doesn’t! It only sticks to it’sself!

You shouldn’t use it around someone’s mouth though or nose.. It also says it doesn’t stick to body hair, which I was pretty shaved when using it…so i’m not sure from personal experience but i’m sure it’s true!

You can cut it in any sizes you want, and it can be reused! All you have to do is roll it back up!I think you could easily get alot of use out of it, plus the cost is so very reasonable. It is under $20 bucks. It has so many possibilities of things to do with it to!

I know I had fun with it, and I didn’t feel like it was sticking to me or pulling on me or anything. It made me felt ..well restrained and not sticky/stuck! I think it would be awesome to just take it with you if you were going to be traveling and noone would really know what the devil it was!

I recommend you check out the babeland body tape & the rest of babelands bondagesection, for awesome items to add to your collections!

this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest & fair review by babeland!

Tassy Review: iGino One

I received the item below for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, ideas, opinions and ideas stated below are honest and my own. Your results may vary!

I have never had the chance to review a prototype of an item/item before the actual release type of thing. So when I got the chance to receive an iGino one in exchange for my honest opinion I was pretty excited!

The iGino  one is an item that I did a spotlight on a few weeks back. I knew it would be a while before I got it, but it really didn’t take so long at all. It just took a very lazy and slightly busy me a while to get around to getting this review up! Thanks to the fact I already had the review written, and all it needed was links and somehow I managed to shut down the computer without saving L

So if you want to really excite me with a toy what are the key things? Well you know UNIQUE and PINK and the fact that I  prefer external vibes compared to internal ones. This one had all 3 of the above. Plus it is so darn cute to look at as well. It reminds me of the way an Iphone looks! I was beyond looking forward to this one!

Everyone knows by now that I am a packaging freak! This one comes in a very deep white and pink box that perfectly fits the iGino and the other items that are inside. It also matches the item, as in compliments it if you know what I am saying?

Inside the box you will find the iGino inside of a piece plastic that you can lift out to find other items. What else is inside? A booklet about the toy, a usb cord/extender for charging, a us charge adapter that has the igino logo on it, and a foreign charge adapter (European I am assuming here). A Velvet pouch, and a baggie that has these little Rings and the Tip to put on the vibrator. They are kind of foamy /squishy. Of course I always like extras, and the fact that this baby is rechargeable!

One thing to mention is that you can charge the iGino with the built in USB charger that is on it. …Like just plug it in to the computer and what not if that floats your boat. For me , that is a very handy option as we are short on plugins around here. Also, I am not around anyone for the most part that would be nosy and ask me what it was that was plugged in! It kind of reminds me of the way a FLIP video camera charges.

So what is my general opinion of the toy? Well I LIKE IT A LOT. There is just one tiny tiny tiny problem…(well, make that 2..)and that is the fact that it only has ONE speed. The speed  is pretty alright for my standards, and I didn’t have a problem getting off with it, but sometimes I know that I could usually use a more strong bzz. Also, speaking of bzz…as in noise..this is where comes in that 2nd little tiny problem…It is LOUD LOUD LOUD..which in my world of being married and living on my own doesn’t really come into play but for others that could be a really big issue. I have plug in toys that aren’t that loud!

The control of the toy is really simple because you only have the one button on the right hand side, and you simply just flip it up for on, and back down for off.

It says that the toy should fully charge within 12 hours and will last 40 minutes which is kinda meh.. I have been able to use it several times so far and not had to charge it, but I bet my day is coming fast for sure.

3 of the most unique features that I saw with this toy, that are highlighted are the fact that it has the hygienic cover, which I like, and the skin touch head,which does give it a nice and unique feeling I haven’t felt with another toy. Also the whole vibra move thing, which mimics you giving your self pleasure with your own finger seems about right to me as well…

So in all, I really like the iGino one , and I think that if they could add in some speeds, (not patterns, I really don’t care about patterns at all) and get the noise under control, then it would be perfect for almost anyone. In the mean time, I really enjoy it and am glad that I got the chance to get to review it!