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Review: SM 101: A realistic introduction by Tassy

A while back at goodvibes, the good folks gave me the opportunity to review the book SM 101 a realistic introduction by Jay Wiseman.

I had a fit to try to get this book reviewed for some reason! I don’t understand why, and I apologize for being such a poor reviewer girl to good vibes! When I said to myself, “Tassy, no more books to review, no more MORE!”I was supposed to hold on to that agreement!

From time to time, I do dable in bdsm, but by no means am I hardcore! I could likely bring my dabling a knot, but… honestly I’m not always in that kind of mood… but let’s put it this way I’m likely more often than not in that mood. It’s just between me and the hubs that we’re having a difficult time lol together in that mood. We’re planning a little bit of that kind of fun this weekend, though… ANYWAYS… LOL This book wasn’t by any means a terrible book, it’s just I discovered it to be a bit.. overwhelming. I understand that sounds dumb on my part because I’m an avid reader since I was a kid… but for me to sit down and read a review book… I need more than just black and white phrases on pages… I know… It sounds dumb right? I just need to break it up for me. Can you say me I get old? This book is a very informative book about bdsm methods, but I think it’s more for the hardcore dedicated bdsm individual and not for the amateur like me. I think the book had plenty of informative information on both sides, but it focused more on how I say the hardcore and those who might want to play in groups and/or with people they don’t understand very well. The only individuals I plan to play with are david and one of my ex boyfriends that I sometimes hang out with and any rare moon could do something with on that very rare occasion. There are plenty of nifty checklists and worksheets to fill out if you were to play in these kinds of circumstances, and perhaps even if you play with individuals who should understand you very well. I also think the knowledge in the book can help in either case, whether or not you know someone well. It wasn’t simple for me to read. If you get my drift, it was more educational than fun? In the long run, I suggest the book. I think there’s something for everyone who wants to play in these kinds of situations, so I think it’s worth getting a copy of this book at in return for my honest ideas and views. You may very much have your ideas & views & feelings. All of the above opinions are my own and I didn’t have to offer a favorable evaluation.

Review: Rocks-Off Luv Massager by Tassy

The awesome people from Rocks Off sent me a couple of awesome goodies a few months ago, about which I’ve already written. The most cute massager they’ve ever sent me: The Luv!! It’s pink and white, and well, it’s a massager so it’s not about “Luv.” It even has a head in the form of a core!

The Luv massager comes in a nicely clear case of the difficult shell sort, and it made my cut as to one of the many toys I’ve chosen to live in the initial packaging. I understand I always seem to keep my toys in the initial packaging, but sometimes I decide to throw one away in a rare moon!

There’s a clear case of “standard” plastic type that I’d call more like a wrapper, and that’s what the nicer case is at first inside. It has purple writing and hearts with the message “Luv your body” It has a diagram on one of the side panels on how to plug in your batteries (4 AAA, not included) and how to use the toy. It has information on the luv in 3 distinct languages on the other hand panel. It informs you details on the English toy on the back, including that it is 100% waterproof, and that there are 5 relaxing vibration and pulsing settings.

Anyone who understands me understands fairly much that my favourite combination of colors is pink and white, and I can honestly say that I can only believe of another toy that I have this color. However, this one is so much more beautiful to me with the adorable little heart end! In the non-heat-shaped end, the batteries go, and I had to get David to assist me get it open! I’m not the earth’s greatest little gal!  There is an on / off button and then your function button, the luv procedure is quite easy. The luv’s white handle portion is a tough plastic, but a silicone texture is the purple heart component and it feels very good. However, the heart has no gift to it, which could have made it a bit more flexible, but it’s not that large deal!

One thing I particularly like is that in my hand it feels comfortable, almost like stating it’s ergonomic. I really have tiny hands so I’m not sure if you have bigger hands if you agree with me at that level or I don’t understand this toy is very flexible because you can use it in two distinct ways. For a naughty bit of fun on your clit, or any other naughty spot you might want to use on, or for a sensual experience. Originally I believed I was only going to use it for the sensual sort of massage agreement, but after I received it I decided it was just too good to use it in one manner! There are 3 speeds: low, medium and high, and 2 patterns that I find a little difficult to define as quickly pulsing and slow pulsing. But I’m not really one for patterns, even if they’re okay at times. In this situation, I believe the pulses are better for a sensual massage and then the speeds for the naughty game. You can go anyway, though! I have to say that this little toy really packs a lot of punch to run off AAA batteries, even if it’s four of them. Usually it’s either on C or D batteries or plugged in when I’m thinking of something that powerful. This toy is pretty noisy, which is not something I have to worry about because, apart from the hubs, I don’t live with anyone. Like I conclude if you could just say that it was a massager and then who would care that you understand? I enjoy the Rocks-Off luv massager REALLY. I believe it was purple, white and hearts for me, but I really liked using it, and I look forward to using it in the future!

This item was given to me by rocks-off in return for my honest review. All thoughts are frank and my own views and experiences. Your experience may be different.

Review: Pinup Vibe and Bombshell Balm by Tassy

As we all understand, I own a lot of vibrators and other assorted goodies. What I like best is when I’m completely blowed away by something easy. I’ve had the opportunity to get such an item from Babeland recently! I received the Pinup Vibe & Bombshell balm set I’ve been lusting for a while. I don’t understand why, but apparently I’ve always been called! Now I think I understand why!

The 3-color Pinup style & bombshell balm set is accessible, and I received the silver. It comes with some general information in a plastic outter packaging. Your primary storage is a metal tin with a image of a pinup gal on its front!

Inside you’ll discover your balm, which has pinup gal on it, as well as a fundamental bullet atmosphere listed above. But I don’t understand if I’d use basic to define it in the long run, because I was SERIOUSLY impressed with this vibe’s quality! Your atmosphere also has an additional N battery!

The Balm…. The Vibe… it’s all so good, I don’t understand who to begin honestly with! I guess I’m going to start with the vibe, because I didn’t really expect to be as impressed as I was!

Usually in my experience, when you get the “normal issue” bullet vibes like these, frankly they end up being quite sucking and not holding up that great. Also, a l ot of them seem to take batteries from the button (the “size” escapes me, but you know what I’m saying, I’m sure!) This atmosphere was heavier (in a nice manner) and had a battery type N. The installation of the battery is easy, just clear the atmosphere end, pop into your battery and turn it back on. The controls are also simple, at the end of the toy you just have to press the button.

There are 3 velocities and they are also quite decent. I think the weight and texture made it feel like it wasn’t made cheaply, and that over time it could keep up. I was also pleased with the battery type N because it seemed to vibrate more decently.

I don’t have too much experience with Balms & Gels pleasure and all those kinds of goodies, I don’t believe I’ve ever tried one another, and I liked it, but it was a bit chaotic and sticky (gel). This balm was a novel idea, not so runny, not so sticky, and… well, unlike the gel that I had, the first time I used it, I could feel it working.

The ingriedents of the balm are Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Grape seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Capric Triglyceride, Cacao Butter, Peppermint Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylparaben, Soybean Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Avocado Oil, Isopropyl Acetate, Bisabolol, phenoxyethenol, Wheat Bran Extract, Matricacaria Flower Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, BHT, Linoleic Acid, Limonene, Linaloo In all I really liked this set. It’s adorable, it makes the atmosphere very good, the balm makes me feel good, and well. Yes.. I can’t think of anything that I don’t like. Well performed! Well performed!  Highly advised!

Babeland gave me this item in return for my honest view

Review: Hidden Treasure Vibe for Babeland by Tassy

Ah. How I Vibrators Love. Yup. I’m Tassy. I got an addiction. LOL. I lately received something fresh to keep it going thanks to the beautiful individuals in babeland. This moment I received the Hidden Treasure Vibe The Pirates Rocket was one of the first vibes I’ve ever checked, and when I saw this one coming up I was like ooh I want!!

I really got the Hidden Treasure feeling because it was A. Beautiful and B. Came with an option for nice storage. Pink, Pearl, and Black & Gold are accessible.

The one I’ve got is a pink color, but in my view it’s more purple. The treasure case and the vibe are very nicely matched and have these little studs down the side (silver) and around the top of the vibe. Honestly, they might have placed some true (false) crystals on it and kicked it up a little bit! There are also really faint white pirate designs on the atmosphere & treasure case. Pretty!

It’s not hinged the treasure case, which was a bit of a disappointment for just lift off the top and disclose the toy. The bottom portion is satin lined, but the top is a conventional tough plastic shell that for some reason is molded like the toy.

The atmosphere itself is quite user-friendly: it is a push button at the toy’s bottom with 3 speeds and evidence of splash. It needs only 1 AA battery to be used, and speeds are strong enough to come from just that one battery! The vibrator is semi-silent and can be used as you wish, internally or externally!

I believe the toy also feels good. This isn’t heavy. It’s not tall or tiny. It looks shiny, if it makes anybody since it’s kinda.. slick I guess that’s what I’m going to say. I enjoyed it very much.

As far as packaging is concerned, which is something I always attempt to mention in my reviews.. it’s not a fancy thing, but it’s also not tacky again! It’s nothing more than your typical plastic container. Then again you get to make up for all that with the pretty storage container!

Look no further than this little beauty if you’re looking for a fairly good punch off 1 batter, a good feeling atmosphere, and a good atmosphere!

This item was given to me in return for Babeland’s honest evaluation. All opinions are my own and I don’t have to give a favorable evaluation.

Review: babelands massage oil by Tassy

I wrote lately how the only thing that really helps me to sleep is massage! I believe some of my issues began back in college when some of my ex guys stopped in the center of the night and so on! You have no clue how insane I was to be lol to your beloved Tassy.

I was pleased that Babeland offered to give me some of their very own Babeland Body Massage Oil in keeping with my weekly massages! I discovered that oils and massage candles are doing so much better than oil and lotions for babies!

I selected the oil in the scent of lavender and vanilla, because there are no more relaxing smells to me than vanilla and lavender! It’s just a warming soul for me! In blackberry vanilla musk and white Himalayan tea, the oil is also accessible.

The oil arrives in a conventional bottle, and I was delighted that it was locked below to avoid leakage! The bottle size is 5 oz, which is quite generous when it comes to liquid weight!

The smell was celestial, and the texture really impressed me. It’s also produced from sweet almond oil and perfume! It leans more toward the lavender side than toward vanilla, but I didn’t think it was too large of a deal. Like I say I find both fragrances relaxing and putting them together would just be a bonus. It’s also a very light & non-sticky oil that doesn’t sink in immediately, which I also discovered a plus!

I’ve liked massaging with this oil in particular! I’m happy to have it in my collection to assist me in my sleep I got this item in return for my honest views from Babeland. I was not needed to give a review of the positve. All of the views expressed are frank and mine own. Your views may differ.

Review: iGino One by Tassy

In return for my honest evaluation, I got the item below for free. All of the following thoughts, ideas, views and ideas are frank and mine own. Your findings may be different!

I never had the opportunity to review an item / item prototype before the real release sort of thing. So I was pretty thrilled when I got the opportunity to get an iGino in return for my honest view!

The iGino one is an item I made a few weeks ago with a focus. I knew it was going to be a while before I got it, but it didn’t really take that long. It only took me a very lazy time and a little busy to get this review up! Thanks to the reality that I already wrote the review, all I required were links and somehow I managed to shut down the laptop without saving L So if you really want to excite me with a toy, what are the main things? Well, you understand UNIQUE and PINK and I prefer external vibes to inner vibes. This one had all three of the above. It’s also so darn adorable to look at. It reminds me how it looks like an Iphone! I looked forward to this one beyond that!

By now, everybody understands I’m a packaging freak! This one comes in a white and purple box that suits the iGino and the other products inside perfectly. It also matches the item, as if you understand what I’m saying in compliments?

You will discover the iGino inside a piece of plastic inside the box, which you can lift to discover other products. What’s inside of it? A toy box, a cord / extender for charging, an adapter for charging us with the igino logo on it, and an adapter for overseas charges (European I assume here). A velvet pouch and a baggie to put on the vibrator with these little rings and the tip. They’re kind of squishy / foamy. I like extras, of course, and the fact that this child can be recharged!

One thing to mention is that with the built-in USB charger on it, you can charge the iGino. Like just plug it into your laptop and what if your ship is floating. For me, this is a very useful choice because we’re brief here on plugins. Also, for the most part, I’m not around anyone who would be nosy and ask me what the plug-in was! It kind of reminds me of how it charges a FLIP video camera.

So what’s my toy’s overall view? Well, I LIKE THAT A LOT. There’s only one small, small problem… (well, create that 2..)and that’s the reality it’s only ONE. The speed for my norms is fairly good, and I had no issue getting off with it, but sometimes I understand I generally could use a stronger bzz. Also, talking about bzz… as in noise… this is where that 2nd small problem comes in… it’s LOUD LOUD LOUD.. which doesn’t really come into play in my globe of being married and living alone, but for others it could be a really big issue. I’ve got toys that aren’t so noisy!

It’s really easy to manage the toy because you only have the one button on the correct side, and you just turn it on and off.

It suggests the toy should be charged in full within 12 hours and will last 40 minutes, which is something of a meh. So far, I’ve been able to use it several times and didn’t have to pay it, but I’m betting that my day will surely come quickly.

3 One of the most distinctive features I’ve seen with this toy is that it has the hygienic cover that I like and the skin touch head that gives it a nice and unique feeling that I haven’t experienced with another toy. So in all, I really like the iGino one, and I think if they could add in some speeds, (not patterns, I don’t really care about patterns at all) and get the noise under control, then it would be perfect for almost anyone. I don’t really care about patterns. I really appreciate it in the meantime, and I’m happy I got the opportunity to review it!

Review of JimmyJane massage candle by Tassy

Many of you may understand from following my private site / twitter and maybe I mentioned it before I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. I attempted a lot of stuff to get a better night’s sleep!

By accident I discovered that massage was my magic sleeping path! I had woken up about 4 a.m. one morning and was unable to sleep, and David rubbed my head a bit and I came back to bed. I decided to bring it to the next level and I’m so happy I’ve ever done it!

I was recently on a search for massage goodies instead of being on a search for vibrators. So when babeland gave me the opportunity to get a jimmyjane massage candle, I was enthusiastic about it!

For the easy reality that you get the warmth of the liquid, I like the concept of a massage candle and you can enjoy it as a prelude to the massage!

I got the candle in the scent of the cucumber water, a pretty good smell that reminds me of summer. I can smell it in my space even when it’s not lit!

There are several other scents of the candle, including Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, and Pink Lotus.

I was somewhat confused about the fact that it says matches and a body brush were included on the description page at babeland, and I didn’t get either.. but it wasn’t that large deal. I believe they’d be amazing extra though!

The candle also has natural ingredients such as jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe, so it’s really nice for your skin that I’ve tried a couple of other candles over time (two other brands) and discovered them either to A. Take them to melt forever and/or B > and they’re sticky!  It melted in about 30 minutes with this candle, and the liquid remains like that for about 30 minutes, which provides you plenty of time! Plus, you don’t need to schedule a massage ahead of time! It wasn’t at all sticky, too!

Another distinctive characteristic of the candle was that it’s in a pretty white ceramic container with a pour spout, making it simpler to pour, of course!. The candle lasts up to 32 hours, which implies a relatively reasonable quantity of time should last!

I really enjoy my candle in everything! I enjoy to get my hot massages and SLEEP knows when for the first time! I’m defending. To assist your body relax and get the sleep you deserve, suggest massage! I can’t wait to see some of these candles ‘ other scents in the future!

This item was given to me in return for my honest view from that I was not needed to write a favorable review and that all views and statements were frank and my own.

A Day in the Life of a Pornstar

It’s a sad reality of today that pornstars aren’t considered human beings. Most people, typically the ones addicted to watching porn, think of them as material objects rather than human beings with thoughts and emotions. These women are looked down upon and called names. In our opinion, they’re working women that are employees of an organization. They deserve the respect that any working woman deserves. But, unfortunately a pornstar is only defined by her work.

So, let’s get into some details. Women pornstars are heavily paid, we all know that. They’re even paid more than men because it’s harder for them. Pornstars often say that they can’t record more than 2 or 3 movies per month because they need to recover from the previous scenes.

We should discuss these women’s lives outside of work. The majority of the females in the adult industry have pretty exciting hobbies. Biking, hunting, sky diving; you name it, these women lead pretty exciting lives.

There are some women that have typical hobbies too. Some like ordinary things like cooking, jogging and painting. The reason of this article is familiarizing the audience with the lives of pornstars. People imagine women that have a vibrator in their hand the entire day; while the truth is quite opposite. In our unbiased opinion, we should look at them as people rather than as pornstars. An actor might be playing a heel character but we don’t expect them to be bad in real life. Then, why do we think of adult actresses as sluts?

Top 3 Richest Female Pornstars in the World

No doubt, porn is an ever-growing industry that will only get better with the course of time. To the surprise of most people, it is a highly profitable profession with most of its participants earning 6-digits. But, there are a few impeccable ladies that are worth more than what most people make in their entire lifetimes.

Jenna Jameson – $30 Million

It’s impossible that anyone here hasn’t heard of the notorious “Queen of Porn”. She was once at the top of the food chain but her career started to fade away. She would eventually resort to other professions. She was a manager for the ex-UFC Champion Chuck Liddell. She’s made a fortune by selling sex toys and eventually selling her company to Playboy.

Terra Patrick – $17 Million

Patrick is probably one of the most astonishing brunettes you’ll ever see. Terra is quite the jack of all trades with her degrees in microbiology and nursing. She started off her career as a model but eventually worked her way to the porn industry. She’s no doubt the smartest woman of the porn industry.

Jesse Jane – $10 Million

Jesse Jane is another woman that is really multi-talented. She has worked as an actor, but most of her work is adult-related. She rose to fame with her Pirates series which was a pornographic replica of the “Pirate of the Caribbean”. The woman has her own brand of tequila that contributed to her wealth.

The Porn Industry – Then Vs Now

The Porn Industry is quite a changing industry. But, one can’t possibly find out whether it is changing for the better of worse. There are several major changes in porn since the 70s. We’ll list a few of them down below:

Easier Access

Back in the day, people would have to rent porn DVDs from the local store. It was quite a hassle, not to mention that you would have to pay for porn. But, these days, the internet has put porn at the distance of a single click. You can just Google “porn” and you’d find endless websites providing free content.

Spike in Viewership

Don’t compare the audience of today with the audience of the 70s. PornHub reports that since 2010, a 1,424 percent increase in viewership was noticed. People today resort to porn for comfort. For instance, you might have heard about the false nuclear missile warning in 2018. Some idiot spread the news that North Korea launched a missile at Hawaii. Right after the news was dismissed, PornHub saw a 48% increase in viewership.

Underage Audience

This is another thing that is wrong with the modern day porn industry. Kids can easily access porn on their phones and tablets and parents can do close to nothing about it. Back in the day, a kid would consider himself the luckiest child ever if they managed to find a porn DVD from the attic. But, these days, the favorite hobby of minors is to browse PornHub and it’s a massive problem for society.