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Tassy’s Reviews: Venus Aromatic Mist: Lavender

Recently I got the chance to start reviewing for a new company!!!  My new partner in crime so to speak is, They have a VERY large selection of items including toys, lingerie, body goodies,etc.

I am sticking to the non toy section on working on reviews, and I am shocked at how many items that there are to choose from! It really makes me excited to mix up my reviews and get to write about these sorts of items!

For my first review I chose out of the box of goodies I was sent, I have chose to review the Venus Aromatic Mist Lavender Spray. The Venus line of sprays also come in 9 other scents including: Cucumber Melon, Green Tea,Pomegranate,Juniper,Man,Milk,Mandarin Mango,pineapple tangerine and peach! (click here for access to the page with all the Venus Aromatic Mists Scents!)
Venus Lavender Spray is an aromatic mist which is a Natural Dead Sea Product. I headed over to their website to find out more about what the “Natural Dead Sea Product” meant, since it is not further elaborated on. Which, I really didn’t find out anymore info, but the company that makes Dead Sea salt scrubs, so maybe it has something to do with that?
The spray is also made in the USA (Love to find USA made products, I am such a dork, I know) and also it isn’t tested on animals, which I also like!
I was really excited at the chance to review an item that fits in my “relaxation quest” that I have been on lately…Plus, this item doesn’t exactly scream “ADULT” either. You can totally just have it sitting around your house and I mean, all it is is basically a spray you know? which is awesome to me as well, because goodness knows I am running out of room to be stashing stuff away
You can use this spray as a body spray( I think, it says external use only, then again I didn’t plan to drink it to smell better lol) However, I have been using it around the house, especially in the bedroom as a spray on my pillow /sheets before I go to bed. I have also used it in my bathroom as a spray when I’m taking a shower. I am not a person for overwhelming scents, and this spray doesn’t disappoint me in the least. Also, you don’t have to spray but like 1 or 2 sprays .. it’s pretty long lasting.
As far as using it on my sheets/ pillow I have noticed that it did kind of have a soothing calming effect on me falling asleep. Hey, anything that helps me shut my brain off so I can get some sleep is a keeper in my book!
Lavender is a scent that just screams relaxation and calmness to me, along with vanilla. I even really get excited if the two are mixed together lol  I think that this particular hint of lavender is perfect for me.. like I said it isn’t too overpowering and sickening on any level. I am pretty picky with scents because usually I am hard to please.
In all, I am very happy with my venus lavender aromatic mist, and I am looking forward to using it more in the weeks to come! I also highly recommend envyusonline as well, so check them out!

PS: New Customers Save 20% off of their purchase with the code envy20

I was provided this product from in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.

Tassy’s Reviews: Shunga Arousal Gel

This is one of those reviews that I started to write, and then between publishing it and trying it out again, I totally changed my perspective on the product! In A GOOD WAY!!

Babeland sent me some of the Shugna Arousal Gel a few weeks back.I thought it would be fun and something different, which is what i’m always in the market for.

The ingredients of the Shugna Arousal Gel (taken from babeland’s website) are:
Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, l-arginine HCL, hydroxyethol cellulose, damiana extract, DMDMH, Sodium Benzoate, Peppermint Oil, Capsicum O.R., Vitamin E, Polyquaternium-7, Citric Acid
The shunga arousal gel comes packaged in a cute little black box, and inside you will find a black bottle that contains the actual gel. I had a tiny bit of a laugh because it says to apply it to your “secret garden” but that might just be me! Also inside the box is a piece of paper that will tell you about how every woman is unique, and the levels of sensations you will experience will be unique,etc.

It also tells you that it might take up to 3 applications(not in a row, we are talking days/separate occasions !) to get a decent feeling out of the product. There is also a little booklet that tells the history of shunga, and other products that are available.
When I first used this gel, I have to admit I wasn’t impressed. I honestly hadn’t ever used any arousal gel, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The first time I tried to use the gel, I was pretty disappointed. I really didn’t realize that you had to use it a few times in a row to get the full effect, (3 applications didn’t click as 3 seperate times lol apparently I should have read better!) Also, I don’t think I used enough.It still worked, but not very well and not for very long!
The next time I used the gel, it was a world of difference! I used a signifigant amount more, and! I don’t even know how to describe how much it helped with turning me on, and making me have a stronger orgasm. It was a-freaking-mazing! It was tingly and cool, which I was happy it wasn’t warming(I don’t usually care much for warm).

The only real part that was a bit disappointing was the fact it was a bit sticky…but other than that? I have NO complaints.The smell isn’t too horrible or over powering either. It’s a really faint peppermint scent!
I am definitely a fan, and I am glad I decided to try something other than a vibrator once again!
this item was provided to me in exchange for honest opinion from babeland

Tassy’s Reviews: Ruffle Mesh Chemise and G-String Rene Rofe

Some of my favorite things are purses and panties, and that even goes back to my childhood. Another thing I have came to enjoy in recent times are sexy nightgowns, but it has been quite some time since I got any. Most of mine come from thrift shops and yardsales. I think I bought one or 2 new from kohls , but other than that.. well it has been quite sometime!  I got one not that long ago, but it was too tight in my stomach (blasted stomach weight!)
Recently thanks to Envyusonline I got the chance to review the Rene’ Rofe 2 Piece Ruffle Mesh Chemise & G-string set. I like these styles of nightgowns, and of course it was pink so I decided to give it a go even thought it was one size!
from first glance I liked it because it was a nightgown, my favorite color pink and it just looked like what I would consider to be “Me” in style. The size was one size fits ..I was a little skeptical but with the size  chart it looked like it would be right in the middle of what It would fit(120-160 lbs.)

I weigh about 135ish with most of my weight as a muffin top, so night gowns that are tight stomached and such usually won’t work for me. Like I say I couldn’t help but be skeptical with the one size thing!

The nightie came in a cardboard box with a picture of a girl with the nightgown on. I thought it was very tasteful as a picture isn’t too risque’ looking or anything like that. On the back of the box it shows the same gal with a back view of the night gown.

The nightgown is 90% polyester and 10%spandex. It says to handwash, and of course with it being pink I wouldn’t even have thought about bleeching it! It also tells you to line dry it and not iron it (no worries there lol) and to not dry clean it (no worries there either ha ha!)

Now the night gown fit miss muffin top here pretty darn well! I seriously considering posting pics of me in it..but then I changed my mind. I don’t know! maybe next nightgown review that fits me awesomely? we’ll see  Maybe my tan will be perfected by that point lol.

Anyways the only thing I didn’t really like was the way it fit me in the hoot (I call boobs- hoot because of Achmed the dead terrorist (Jeff Dunham comedian..)  Anyways, it made my hoot look/seem a bit ..floppyish? in my opinion.. but david said it was fine, so that might have just been me.

There are bows on the top of the shoulder straps and down to the top of the hoot area which is ruffled. The bottom part is like a vertical ruffle look as well.

The undies were ok.. they were a bit smaller than I really like my undies, even for sexy purposes.. I don’t know. I think it might have been because they were sheer or something. I am odd, I know!

In all I was very happy with this nightie, as well was the hubs. I look forward to perhaps getting to review more lingerie and maybe even from this brand, since it fit me so well and I was so happy!
I was provided this product from in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positive review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.

Tassy’s Reviews: Rubber Paddle Review

As you may or may not know I do dabble with some BDSM every now and again in my relationship. David isn’t really into it all that much, which is cool it isn’t like it is something that I like to do every single time I have sex or anything like that, it’s just that sometimes I lean more to that side of things, and he has been trying to get more on board with it lately.

We had a crop that I really liked that had a flower on the end of it, but it broke a while back, so I have been in limbo for a replacement. (Most of the time I have to admit I just prefer and good old hand spanking..but there isn’t anything wrong with having some sort of aide either!)

Babeland recently provided me with the chance to review a Rubber Paddle and I was all over that like white on rice in a hurry! Especially since David has been a little bit more in that sort of mood lately and had asked me to find us something new!

I wasn’t THINKING however about how i’m sort of a newbie when it comes to spanking, and that I didn’t really realize what rubber was going to entail lol.

The black rubber paddle arrived in a plastic ziplock baggie and from the get go I was like OMG what did I get myself into lol.

First of all , it is HEAVY …like a lot more heavy than I expected. David says it reminded him of a tire or a shoe LOL it was funny the way that he said it, I wish I could remember exactly what he said.

Also it was bit more flimsy than what I would have expected? As I say most of these realizations have came from being an amateur and aren’t speaking about the toy itsself being bad.

I decided to try to hit myself with it, I was like sure, this will really hurt me?

IT DID HURT!! I knew immeadiately I had gotten myself into more than I bargained for. I was weary about letting david hit me with it too, I was like no REALLY REALLY lite..and it still hurt

I can’t say anything bad for the toy other than the heavy and flimsy factors..but again, that was a mistake on my end. I hope to work myself up to using it, but as of right now it isn’t for me..i’m too sensitive! I’m saving it for the future!

I was provided this toy by in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. These are my thoughts & opinions and yours may vary. I was not required to write an positive review.

Tassys Reviews Rocks Off 160 mm Vibe

The awesome folks from Rocks Off Sent me a couple of goodies a few months back when I was first getting over “the horrible night” and of course as you all know I am just now really getting back into the swing of things and getting caught up on writing reviews and all that good stuff.Hopefully, I write awesomely enough they will forgive me! :)(and maybe let me review again lol)
One of the items that they sent to me was the RO-160mm bullet vibe, and WOWZERs I really like this baby!
Let’s start off with the packaging, because well…you knew I was going to go there right? So far I have been pretty imperessed with their packaging. It comes in a fairly decent sturdy box with a window where you can see the toy,with the name of the toy at the top and the company name at the bottom. The back of the package has some info including that the toy is 100% waterproof, there are 7 speeds and that the batteries are 4 languages!
It also instructs you on how to open the battery compartment to take out the little plastic piece, which is quite simple. All you have to do is unscrew the end and slide it out. The batteries are also included with the toy, and it gives you a date that the batteries will be best by (In my case June 2013)
The case opens up hinge-style and inside you have the toy laying inside a piece of molded plastic and a mini catalog with your registration code on the back.
I liked the color of  the toy, its a pinky purple color. My first impression though was OMG to be a bullet vibe this thing is huge! I also had the whoa fator when I hit the push button to turn it on. The first speed rivals some of my toys BIGGEST speeds!(I am talking about as much as even some of my plug in toys!
There are 7 speeds/modes like I mentioned before, and the operation of the toy is pretty common to control, in that you simply just push the button at the top to go through 3different speeds and 4 different modes which incude
1. Low vibration
2. Medium vibration
3. High  vibration
4. Slow and fast pulse
5. Fast pulse
6. Swirly
7. Fast pulse
They are all quite enjoyable for me, then again I prefer steady vibrations over patterns for the most part but thats just me.  I am also the unusual gal who only likes toys on the outside of her body for the most part..but that’s just me.. I am sure with the sleek texture of the toy would be perfet if you wanted to do that!

To turn off the toy you simply hold down the push button for about 5 seconds.
In all this toy is fairly nice and enjoyable and I have actually added it to that rare favorites collection, which is actually growing a little bit lately! So if you are looking for a nifty larger bullet vibe to add to your collection with quite a bit of oomph, I suggest you check this one out!

This item was provided for me for my honest review from rocks-off. Your thoughts opinions ideas and experiences may vary. All the above statements are honest and my own.

Tassy’s Reviews: Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel

Something I haven’t reviewed a whole lot of are arousal gels and things of those sorts. I recently got a chance thanks to to review the Crazy Girl Oral sex gel in aaah Strawberry.I was excited because well, I personally like strawberry lol. Even though, in this case the gel is more for the person preforming the oral sex, as far as flavor goes!  This particular one is designed to be used on a woman, so I probably won’t be using it for the taste factor myself! (However David might have other

The outer packaging is a pretty pink box, which has lots of information about the product, including:

Made In the USA ,No Animal Testing,Sugar Free ,Paraben & Sulfate Free,Safe for all skin types PH Balanced, Water soluble, greaseless, non-staining, adult toy/latex friendly.

There is also the ingredients,and more information about the product listed(which I will elaborate on further in this review). It is a very informative little box! However, when you open the box 3 of the side panels of the box are repeated on the bottle. The bottle has a pink label, and it is clear so you can see the pink gel inside. It is a pump type bottle and there is a plastic lid that covers up the pump.

The liquid weight of this product is 2.2oz, which is a fairly sizable and generous amount.

To use the gel is very simple, all you have to do is squirt a little bit of the gel to your vaginal area and …well i’m sure you know the rest!

So what do you do with this gel? what is it’s purpose? Basically it is to give you & your partner a more enjoyable oral sex experience. For the giver, you get a very pleasant strawberry taste! I tasted it, it was yummy! Also, my husband said that it was a great tasting gel, not too sweet or yucky on any level.

It wasn’t sticky either, which was great.. I know I rubbed it on just to see what kind of sensation that I received and couldn’t even tell that it was there other than the wetness factor. Was happy that I didn’t feel ick or have to take a shower after using it! (or wash it off with wash cloth or wipe)

It does mention on the box that it allows for heightened vaginal arousal and enhancement with every touch. Then at the very bottom of the box it says that your individual sensation and results may vary. For me, I really didn’t get anything extra out of it while being licked but when I did just rub some on , I got the faintest hint of a warming sensation. I don’t think that inspired david to give me more oral sex just because this made me taste better, but I think that it was a def. added bonus.

I think that the gel might have helped with me getting more “wet” in the long run and even made david get more in depth with the actual act of oral sex though! I think that it was “inspiring” I guess on his end to a certain extent.

Even though I only got a mild warming sensation out of it, I think it’s a keeper and a little bit goes a long way, so I should get to enjoy it for quite some time! I might have to try the version that can be used for a guy during oral sex that way I can have an tasty experience for myself! If you are looking for a tasty adventure I highly suggest you head over to envyusonline and check out the Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel!

I was provided this product from in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.

Tassys Reviews: Groovy Chick by Rocks Off

In the past I haven’t had much luck with finding my G-Spot with a toy..or even with fingers (with an exception of a couple of very unusual occasions) so when I got the opportunity to review the Groovy Chick thanks to Rocks OffI was like Sure!
I hate to admit that because of my a fore mentioned bad luck in the g-spot hunting expedition I was not to hopeful that I would be able to find it. I sometimes doubt that that little booger exists at all!

Laugh at me but most ALL of the toys that I have only ever get used externally as well. I am just now really coming around to putting TOYS into my vagina! I know, how weird am I right? You’d think with all these toys I have gotten over the years I wouldn’t be like that. Like I say though, I am coming around to dildos and internal use of things!
Enter my new little friend the groovy chick! This nifty little gadget is one of the most unusual toys that I have ever saw and added to my collection.
The packaging (ah, ha! I know you were waiting for the packaging whore to get to that point lol) is pretty nice. It comes in a pretty sturdy box with a display window where you can see the toy and everything. One thing I really liked about this packaging is it even tells you when the battery is best before! (Oh and of course batteries included is always awesome!)
It also has met my cut as one to keep since I like to keep the original packaging when it is sturdy/nice enough to be able to do so. Seriously, ya’ll my closet is screaming for help ..I do this with everything from Toys to computer and camera boxes lol.
Ok, So I referred to it as a gadget I guess in technical terms it is a vibrator /toy but I feel the word gadget really fits for the groovy chick! It is made out of flexible silicone, and it includes a bullet vibe (RO-80 bullet). If I had to describe to you the shape of the groovy chick I would describe it as resembling the way that you thumb and first finger look if you were to make a C with them? Does that make sense?  I saw a video about G-spots one time and I heard that one of the most easiest ways to find your G-Spot was with that sort of shape!
I am really happy to report that the Groovy Chick was a perfect toy to help me find my G-Spot! I won’t say that this is the best choice for everyone who is trying to find their G-spot , but I would say that it is worth a Try!  Especially, if you are having issues finding yours.
As far as the vibrating part of the toy, I will say that it feels nice, but it really didn’t stimulate me in the clit area all that much. I think it might be because I was kind of in a daze from enjoying the stimulation of the G-Spot!
So I do Like this toy, and it has added it’s self into my very tiny tiny FAVORITES collection (which seriously very small lol)  and I would recommend that anyone who is looking to find their G-spot give it a go!

Thanks to the lovely folks at rocks-off for providing this item in exchange for my honest opinion! All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own! and another thanks to them for being so patient with me getting the review up!

Tassy’s Doc Johnson Iride Review for Eden Fantasys!

I have been reviewing adult goodies for a little over 3 years, so when I get the chance to review something that is a little bit different I get really excited. I also get excited when I get to review an item that has had my interests for quite some time.  Most recently I got the opportunity to write a review of the Iride in exchange for an honest review thanks to Eden Fantasys. I have a soft spot for eden fantasys, as they actually provided me with the first review I ever did, and they are always really patient with my slow self!

The iride caught my eye several years ago because like I mentioned it is unique, pink (of course right?) and it is by one of my favorite toy companies Doc Johnson.

My first impression? It is huge. I mean I know that it would be big because of course you have to be able to sit on it, but…I didn’t quite grasp the hugeness until I saw it in person. Let me tell you I don’t do well with measurements and math lol.

One thing that I really liked about the idea of the iride is because it can be used when you do not have a guy around, but it would be different than a traditional vibrator. Does that make since everyone? I hope so!

So the iride is made out of plastic/tpr so it is pretty body safe, and smooth. It has some neat features like being multispeed and even handsfree with a built in control pad. Also something neat is though this thing is huge it only uses 4 AA batteries.

So what was my opinion of the Iride? I hate to admit it but I was pretty disappointed! Why? Well…first of all it wasn’t easy to get onto! I tried it on the bed, in the floor on a chair and on the couch. At first I thought it was because I have a smashed up ankle, but that really wasn’t it.

The most disappointing thing was it was HARD plastic with NO give. It actually was painful for me to use L I think the speeds and vibrations and everything were o.k.. but the actual part that went inside made me seriously want to cry. Maybe I’m just not very tough down there ? The more I tried to use it the better things got, but it still wasn’t exactly right. I think that it does have potential.

I would say if you are looking for a unique item for your toy collection that is a bit HUGE and all that good stuff this would be a good item to pick up. I also think that it gets better and easier to use with time, but it really did hurt me when I started out and it kind of scared me!

Tassy Reviews: SM 101: A realistic introduction

A while back the good folks over at goodvibes let me have the chance to review the book SM 101 a realistic introduction by Jay Wiseman.

I for some reason have had a fit trying to get this book reviewed! I do not know why, and I send out my heartfelt apologies to goodvibes for being such a bad reviewer girl! I guess when I told myself “no more books to review, Tassy, no MORE!” I should have held up on that deal!

I do dable in bdsm from time to time, but i’m not hardcore by any means! I could probably take my dabling a notch, but …honestly i’m not always in that sort of mood… but let’s put it this way i’m probably in that mood more often than not.. It’s just between me and the hubs we have a hard time being in that mood together lol. However, actually we are planning a little bit of that type of fun this weekend…ANYWAYS… LOL
This book wasn’t an horrible book by any means, it’s just I found it to be a little.. overwhelming. I know this sounds stupid on my part, because I am an avid reader since I was a young child..but for me to actually sit down and read a book for review…I need more than just black and white words on pages…Pictures…lol I sounds stupid right? I just need something to break it up for me..I am getting old can you tell?
This book is a very informative book on bdsm practices, but in my opinion it is more for the hardcore devoted bdsm person and not the amateur such as myself. I think that the book had lots of informative information on both sides, but it had more of a focus on as i say the hardcore and those who want to perhaps play in groups and/or with people they don’t know very well.
The only people I plan to play with are david and on that very very very rare occasion one of my ex boyfriends that I sometimes hang out with and every rare moon might do something with.
There are a lot of nifty check lists and worksheets to fill out in case you were to be playing in those sorts of situations, and maybe even when you are playing with people who should know you very well.
I also think that the knowledge in the book can help out in either of the situations , whether you know someone well, or not. It was just not an easy read for me. It was more educational than fun if you get my drift?
I do recommend the book in the long run. I think there is something there for everyone who wants to play in these types of situations, so I think it is worth at least having on hand and checking out
i was provided a copy of this book from the great patient folks at in exchange for my honest thoughts & opinions. Your thoughts & opinions & experiences may very. All opinions above are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Tassy Reviews: Rocks-Off Luv Massager

A few months back the awesome people from Rocks Off sent me a few awesome goodies, a couple of which I have already wrote about. They also sent me the most adorable massager ever: The Luv!! It’s pink and white and well, it’s a massager so what’s not to “Luv about it. It even has a heart shaped head !

The Luv massager comes in a nifty clear hard shell type case, and it made my cut as to one of the many toys that I have decided gets to live in it’s original packaging. I know I pretty much always seem to be keeping my toys in the original packaging, but sometimes in a rare moon I decide to throw one away!

There is an clear “regular” plastic type case  that I would call more like a wrapper, and that is what the nicer case is down inside at first. It has pink writing and hearts with the message “Luv your body” On one of the side panels it has the diagram about how to put in your batteries (4 AAA, not included) and also how to operate the toy. On the other side panel it has info on the luv in 3 different languages. On the back it tells you info about the toy in English, including that it is 100% waterproof, and that there are 5 soothing vibration and pulsing settings.

Everyone that knows me pretty much knows that my favorite color combo is pink and white, and I can honestly say I can only think of one other toy that I have that is this color. However, with the cute little heart end, this one is so much more pretty to me! The batteries go in the non heat shaped end, and I had to get David to help me out with getting it open! I am not the strongest little gal on earth!  The operation of the luv is fairly simple there is an on/off button and then your function button.
The white handle part of the luv is a hard plastic, but the pink heart part is a silicone texture and it feels very nice. The heart doesn’t have any give to it though, which might have made it be a little bit more flexible, but it isn’t that big of a deal!

One thing I especially like is that it feels comfortable in my hand, almost like saying that it is ergonomic. I have really tiny hands so i’m not sure if you have bigger hands if you would agree with me on that level or not

I know that this toy is very versatile because hey you can use it in 2 different ways.. for a naughty bit of fun on your clit, or other naughty spot that you might want to use it on, or you can use it for a sensual experience. I originally thought I would only use it for the sensual massage type of deal, but after I got it I decided it was just too nice to use in only one way!
There are 3 speeds: Low , Medium and High and 2 patterns which are a bit hard for me to describe its like fast pulsing and slow pulsing. I’m not really one much for patterns though, even sometimes they are o.k. I think the pulses are better for a sensual massage and then the speeds for when you are doing the naughty play in this case. However, you can go either way!
I have to say this little toy really packs a lot of punch to be running off of AAA batteries, even though it’s 4 of them. Usually when i’m thinking of something this powerful it’s either on C or D batteries or plugged in.
This toy is pretty noisy, which isn’t something I have to worry about because I don’t live with anyone besides the hubs. Like I say though if you did you could just say it was a massager and then who would care you know?
I REALLY REALLY love the Rocks-Off luv massager. I think it had me at pink, white and hearts but I really have enjoyed getting to use it, and I look forward to using it in the future!

this item was provided to me by rocks-off in exchange for my honest review.All thoughts ideas opinions and experiences are honest and my own. Your experience may vary.