A Day in the Life of a Pornstar

It’s a sad reality of today that pornstars aren’t considered human beings. Most people, typically the ones addicted to watching porn, think of them as material objects rather than human beings with thoughts and emotions. These women are looked down upon and called names. In our opinion, they’re working women that are employees of an organization. They deserve the respect that any working woman deserves. But, unfortunately a pornstar is only defined by her work.

So, let’s get into some details. Women pornstars are heavily paid, we all know that. They’re even paid more than men because it’s harder for them. Pornstars often say that they can’t record more than 2 or 3 movies per month because they need to recover from the previous scenes.

We should discuss these women’s lives outside of work. The majority of the females in the adult industry have pretty exciting hobbies. Biking, hunting, sky diving; you name it, these women lead pretty exciting lives.

There are some women that have typical hobbies too. Some like ordinary things like cooking, jogging and painting. The reason of this article is familiarizing the audience with the lives of pornstars. People imagine women that have a vibrator in their hand the entire day; while the truth is quite opposite. In our unbiased opinion, we should look at them as people rather than as pornstars. An actor might be playing a heel character but we don’t expect them to be bad in real life. Then, why do we think of adult actresses as sluts?