Tassy’s Reviews: Venus Aromatic Mist: Lavender

Recently I got the chance to start reviewing for a new company!!!  My new partner in crime so to speak is,  envyusonline.com. They have a VERY large selection of items including toys, lingerie, body goodies,etc.

I am sticking to the non toy section on working on reviews, and I am shocked at how many items that there are to choose from! It really makes me excited to mix up my reviews and get to write about these sorts of items!

For my first review I chose out of the box of goodies I was sent, I have chose to review the Venus Aromatic Mist Lavender Spray. The Venus line of sprays also come in 9 other scents including: Cucumber Melon, Green Tea,Pomegranate,Juniper,Man,Milk,Mandarin Mango,pineapple tangerine and peach! (click here for access to the page with all the Venus Aromatic Mists Scents!)
Venus Lavender Spray is an aromatic mist which is a Natural Dead Sea Product. I headed over to their website to find out more about what the “Natural Dead Sea Product” meant, since it is not further elaborated on. Which, I really didn’t find out anymore info, but the company that makes Dead Sea salt scrubs, so maybe it has something to do with that?
The spray is also made in the USA (Love to find USA made products, I am such a dork, I know) and also it isn’t tested on animals, which I also like!
I was really excited at the chance to review an item that fits in my “relaxation quest” that I have been on lately…Plus, this item doesn’t exactly scream “ADULT” either. You can totally just have it sitting around your house and I mean, all it is is basically a spray you know? which is awesome to me as well, because goodness knows I am running out of room to be stashing stuff away
You can use this spray as a body spray( I think, it says external use only, then again I didn’t plan to drink it to smell better lol) However, I have been using it around the house, especially in the bedroom as a spray on my pillow /sheets before I go to bed. I have also used it in my bathroom as a spray when I’m taking a shower. I am not a person for overwhelming scents, and this spray doesn’t disappoint me in the least. Also, you don’t have to spray but like 1 or 2 sprays .. it’s pretty long lasting.
As far as using it on my sheets/ pillow I have noticed that it did kind of have a soothing calming effect on me falling asleep. Hey, anything that helps me shut my brain off so I can get some sleep is a keeper in my book!
Lavender is a scent that just screams relaxation and calmness to me, along with vanilla. I even really get excited if the two are mixed together lol  I think that this particular hint of lavender is perfect for me.. like I said it isn’t too overpowering and sickening on any level. I am pretty picky with scents because usually I am hard to please.
In all, I am very happy with my venus lavender aromatic mist, and I am looking forward to using it more in the weeks to come! I also highly recommend envyusonline as well, so check them out!

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I was provided this product from envyusonline.com in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.