Tassy’s Reviews: Shunga Arousal Gel

This is one of those reviews that I started to write, and then between publishing it and trying it out again, I totally changed my perspective on the product! In A GOOD WAY!!

Babeland sent me some of the Shugna Arousal Gel a few weeks back.I thought it would be fun and something different, which is what i’m always in the market for.

The ingredients of the Shugna Arousal Gel (taken from babeland’s website) are:
Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, l-arginine HCL, hydroxyethol cellulose, damiana extract, DMDMH, Sodium Benzoate, Peppermint Oil, Capsicum O.R., Vitamin E, Polyquaternium-7, Citric Acid
The shunga arousal gel comes packaged in a cute little black box, and inside you will find a black bottle that contains the actual gel. I had a tiny bit of a laugh because it says to apply it to your “secret garden” but that might just be me! Also inside the box is a piece of paper that will tell you about how every woman is unique, and the levels of sensations you will experience will be unique,etc.

It also tells you that it might take up to 3 applications(not in a row, we are talking days/separate occasions !) to get a decent feeling out of the product. There is also a little booklet that tells the history of shunga, and other products that are available.
When I first used this gel, I have to admit I wasn’t impressed. I honestly hadn’t ever used any arousal gel, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The first time I tried to use the gel, I was pretty disappointed. I really didn’t realize that you had to use it a few times in a row to get the full effect, (3 applications didn’t click as 3 seperate times lol apparently I should have read better!) Also, I don’t think I used enough.It still worked, but not very well and not for very long!
The next time I used the gel, it was a world of difference! I used a signifigant amount more, and ..wow! I don’t even know how to describe how much it helped with turning me on, and making me have a stronger orgasm. It was a-freaking-mazing! It was tingly and cool, which I was happy it wasn’t warming(I don’t usually care much for warm).

The only real part that was a bit disappointing was the fact it was a bit sticky…but other than that? I have NO complaints.The smell isn’t too horrible or over powering either. It’s a really faint peppermint scent!
I am definitely a fan, and I am glad I decided to try something other than a vibrator once again!
this item was provided to me in exchange for honest opinion from babeland