Tassys Reviews Rocks Off 160 mm Vibe

The awesome folks from Rocks Off Sent me a couple of goodies a few months back when I was first getting over “the horrible night” and of course as you all know I am just now really getting back into the swing of things and getting caught up on writing reviews and all that good stuff.Hopefully, I write awesomely enough they will forgive me! :)(and maybe let me review again lol)
One of the items that they sent to me was the RO-160mm bullet vibe, and WOWZERs I really like this baby!
Let’s start off with the packaging, because well…you knew I was going to go there right? So far I have been pretty imperessed with their packaging. It comes in a fairly decent sturdy box with a window where you can see the toy,with the name of the toy at the top and the company name at the bottom. The back of the package has some info including that the toy is 100% waterproof, there are 7 speeds and that the batteries are included..in 4 languages!
It also instructs you on how to open the battery compartment to take out the little plastic piece, which is quite simple. All you have to do is unscrew the end and slide it out. The batteries are also included with the toy, and it gives you a date that the batteries will be best by (In my case June 2013)
The case opens up hinge-style and inside you have the toy laying inside a piece of molded plastic and a mini catalog with your registration code on the back.
I liked the color of  the toy, its a pinky purple color. My first impression though was OMG to be a bullet vibe this thing is huge! I also had the whoa fator when I hit the push button to turn it on. The first speed rivals some of my toys BIGGEST speeds!(I am talking about as much as even some of my plug in toys!
There are 7 speeds/modes like I mentioned before, and the operation of the toy is pretty common to control, in that you simply just push the button at the top to go through 3different speeds and 4 different modes which incude
1. Low vibration
2. Medium vibration
3. High  vibration
4. Slow and fast pulse
5. Fast pulse
6. Swirly
7. Fast pulse
They are all quite enjoyable for me, then again I prefer steady vibrations over patterns for the most part but thats just me.  I am also the unusual gal who only likes toys on the outside of her body for the most part..but that’s just me.. I am sure with the sleek texture of the toy would be perfet if you wanted to do that!

To turn off the toy you simply hold down the push button for about 5 seconds.
In all this toy is fairly nice and enjoyable and I have actually added it to that rare favorites collection, which is actually growing a little bit lately! So if you are looking for a nifty larger bullet vibe to add to your collection with quite a bit of oomph, I suggest you check this one out!

This item was provided for me for my honest review from rocks-off. Your thoughts opinions ideas and experiences may vary. All the above statements are honest and my own.