Tassy’s Reviews: Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel

Something I haven’t reviewed a whole lot of are arousal gels and things of those sorts. I recently got a chance thanks to envyusonline.com to review the Crazy Girl Oral sex gel in aaah Strawberry.I was excited because well, I personally like strawberry lol. Even though, in this case the gel is more for the person preforming the oral sex, as far as flavor goes!  This particular one is designed to be used on a woman, so I probably won’t be using it for the taste factor myself! (However David might have other ideas..lol)

The outer packaging is a pretty pink box, which has lots of information about the product, including:

Made In the USA ,No Animal Testing,Sugar Free ,Paraben & Sulfate Free,Safe for all skin types PH Balanced, Water soluble, greaseless, non-staining, adult toy/latex friendly.

There is also the ingredients,and more information about the product listed(which I will elaborate on further in this review). It is a very informative little box! However, when you open the box 3 of the side panels of the box are repeated on the bottle. The bottle has a pink label, and it is clear so you can see the pink gel inside. It is a pump type bottle and there is a plastic lid that covers up the pump.

The liquid weight of this product is 2.2oz, which is a fairly sizable and generous amount.

To use the gel is very simple, all you have to do is squirt a little bit of the gel to your vaginal area and …well i’m sure you know the rest!

So what do you do with this gel? what is it’s purpose? Basically it is to give you & your partner a more enjoyable oral sex experience. For the giver, you get a very pleasant strawberry taste! I tasted it, it was yummy! Also, my husband said that it was a great tasting gel, not too sweet or yucky on any level.

It wasn’t sticky either, which was great.. I know I rubbed it on just to see what kind of sensation that I received and couldn’t even tell that it was there other than the wetness factor. Was happy that I didn’t feel ick or have to take a shower after using it! (or wash it off with wash cloth or wipe)

It does mention on the box that it allows for heightened vaginal arousal and enhancement with every touch. Then at the very bottom of the box it says that your individual sensation and results may vary. For me, I really didn’t get anything extra out of it while being licked but when I did just rub some on , I got the faintest hint of a warming sensation. I don’t think that inspired david to give me more oral sex just because this made me taste better, but I think that it was a def. added bonus.

I think that the gel might have helped with me getting more “wet” in the long run and even made david get more in depth with the actual act of oral sex though! I think that it was “inspiring” I guess on his end to a certain extent.

Even though I only got a mild warming sensation out of it, I think it’s a keeper and a little bit goes a long way, so I should get to enjoy it for quite some time! I might have to try the version that can be used for a guy during oral sex that way I can have an tasty experience for myself! If you are looking for a tasty adventure I highly suggest you head over to envyusonline and check out the Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel!

I was provided this product from envyusonline.com in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. Your thoughts and opinions and experiences may vary.