Tassy’s Doc Johnson Iride Review for Eden Fantasys!

I have been reviewing adult goodies for a little over 3 years, so when I get the chance to review something that is a little bit different I get really excited. I also get excited when I get to review an item that has had my interests for quite some time.  Most recently I got the opportunity to write a review of the Iride in exchange for an honest review thanks to Eden Fantasys. I have a soft spot for eden fantasys, as they actually provided me with the first review I ever did, and they are always really patient with my slow self!

The iride caught my eye several years ago because like I mentioned it is unique, pink (of course right?) and it is by one of my favorite toy companies Doc Johnson.

My first impression? It is huge. I mean I know that it would be big because of course you have to be able to sit on it, but…I didn’t quite grasp the hugeness until I saw it in person. Let me tell you I don’t do well with measurements and math lol.

One thing that I really liked about the idea of the iride is because it can be used when you do not have a guy around, but it would be different than a traditional vibrator. Does that make since everyone? I hope so!

So the iride is made out of plastic/tpr so it is pretty body safe, and smooth. It has some neat features like being multispeed and even handsfree with a built in control pad. Also something neat is though this thing is huge it only uses 4 AA batteries.

So what was my opinion of the Iride? I hate to admit it but I was pretty disappointed! Why? Well…first of all it wasn’t easy to get onto! I tried it on the bed, in the floor on a chair and on the couch. At first I thought it was because I have a smashed up ankle, but that really wasn’t it.

The most disappointing thing was it was HARD plastic with NO give. It actually was painful for me to use L I think the speeds and vibrations and everything were o.k.. but the actual part that went inside made me seriously want to cry. Maybe I’m just not very tough down there ? The more I tried to use it the better things got, but it still wasn’t exactly right. I think that it does have potential.

I would say if you are looking for a unique item for your toy collection that is a bit HUGE and all that good stuff this would be a good item to pick up. I also think that it gets better and easier to use with time, but it really did hurt me when I started out and it kind of scared me!