Tassy Reviews: Bedrooom Kandi Make Me Over

In my quest to find unique and awesome vibrators (because honestly, those are my favorite kinds!) I recently got the chance from Babeland to try out the Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over
The Bedroom Kandi Make me over Is made by the great folks at ohmibod which is aweome. I liked the concept of the toy from the get go. It resembles a powder puff/compact! I thought, hmm there would be an nice one to take on a trip. If someone sees it they aren’t going to think of it as more than a compact,and so forth.
This toy comes in a mostly black box that has the bedroom kandi logo, name of the toy and OhMiBod on the front. On the back there is a white panel with a picture of the compact and the make me over. It also tells you about the toy such as: there are 7 patterns, it is made out of body friendly material-silicone, rechargable (up to 1hr of use)and splash proof.

The compact which is your storage case also doubles as the charger, so it mentions that you have a custom storage and charging case, powerful motor (whisper quiet) and the fact that there is a usb charger & 1 year warranty!
When you open the outer cardboard box you will find a sturdier black hinged box simply with the bedroom kandi logo on it,and inside in a satin-ish liner you will find the toy & storage case.

There is also a booklet, and the usb portion of the charger can be found underneath the actual compact/toy.The booklet goes over things like what is in the box, how to operate the toy,the charging process, care and cleaning and so forth.
The one thing that semi bugs me about this toy, which will sound SO STUPID is that the compact and the toy don’t match. I know, how picky of me right? I don’t mind that the compact is black and gold (my college colors are black and gold) but the toy is pink. And I like things to match!!I think maybe a white/pink compact would have been nice or even to have had the toy as black and gold? I know they were going for the whole compact/make up thing but thats my 2 cents for what it is worth!
When you open up your compact the top part is a mirror, which is cute, because you might want a quick check of yourself before you start your playing, if playing with a partner, and maybe even afterwards  The toy is face down, and the backside is black. There is a silicone(i suppose?) strap where you can slide your hand into , to hold on to the toy. It worked well for me because I have the littlest hands on the planet! So I don’t know about someone who had “normal” sized hands lol.
This toy is rechargeable, so no need to worry about hunting down and installing batteries!
To turn on the toy you simply only need to find the – and + button on the back which is right above the bedroom candy logo & strap. Hold the + sign and away you go! this is also how you will cycle through your patterns! To turn off hold the – sign in. It says it’s only like 3 seconds you have to hold the buttons down for off and on but they seem ilke longer in my opinion!
Another part of this toy I thought was awesome was that it can be used for a simple massage! Everyone knows i’m all about massage lately and on the lowest setting I have found this one to help me relax!
With 7 speeds/patterns there seems to be something to please everyone. There is your basic slow, medium and high vibrations..Even the lowest one doesn’t annoy me (and i’m basically a person who can’t even really get into low vibrations at all)  The first pattern escapes me as a way to explain it, and i’ve been calling it “snake” mode. I guess more like a waves thing going on? the 5th patterns is a series of dashes, the 6th higher frequency dashes and the final is dots and dashes. Phew!
One thing that was really nifty is this toy has perfect storage since it’s made like a compact/puff. You simply put the puff in color side down, can shut the lid plug in your USB charger into the port on the back and charge away!
So far I have to say this toy is one of the cutest toys I have had the chance to play with and the vibrations didn’t disappoint an old pro like myself, who doesn’t just get off with any toy anymore (which is kind of sad no? lol) I love the concept of the compact & puff and the discreetness of it all. I also like that you can use it to give a massage as well. I also like the shape of the actual toy in general..the circle seems to disapate the vibrations in a unique way as opposed to a traditional toy…pretty nifty.
In all, I fully recommend this toy  to someone looking for a discreet, unique, multi functional toy.
I was provided this toy by babeland.com in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. These are my thoughts & opinions and yours may vary. I was not required to write an honest review.