Tassy Reviews Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty

On one hand I love panties. On the other, I love vibrators. Well, put the hands together and you have the latest thing I got to review from babeland! I got to review their Remote Vibe Panty!
Now these aren’t  like  actual panties that vibrate or something, dont get the wrong idea! You get a VIBRATOR and PANTIES so you can use them TOGETHER or SEPERATE! how awesome right? That’s what i’m saying! And to top it all off..there’s a remote control for the vibe!
The panties & vibrator(w/remote!) come in a black satin bag and even come with 2 sets of batteries! I always love when you get batteries with things, especially when they might be an odd size, which these are.(: 2 N (4 included), 1 23A 12-volt battery (2 included).)
The panties themselves are quite cute in my opinion, I love the panties that tie on the sides!  They are black in color,and are 97% satin. The lining is 100% cotton. The suggested way to clean them is by hand and to let them hang to dry.

They fit from a 25″-65″ hips. Of course, they offer a pouch positioned right over the clit to add the bullet portion of the vibrator as well.
The vibrator and remote are pink in color and offer a range of up to 16ft.

The bullet part of the vibrator is made out of ABS plastic with rubber cote and it is a little heavy in my opinion! It isn’t too big of a deal, but it was definitely something that took me a little bit of getting used to. It is capable of several different speeds and patterns as well.
I found the vibrations to be pretty varrying in range, and the patterns to be fairly nice as well. I haven’t worn this thing into public yet, and I don’t know if that would be something that I would be comfortable with, but that’s just the way I am.
I think though, if you were to wear it out into public as long as you wore it somewhere loud like a club or something noone would be able to hear the vibrations. I personally wore it around the house and even over the tv noone could really hear or tell what was going on (My bro in law was over).
I think that david had some fun with this one, and it was a way that he  could play with me a little bit before we went to do our thing, even though we had company.

That seems to always be an issue with us, when his bro is over we can’t get anything done because it’s like we are in a hurry. I have to say this really helped out with that.

I got the vibrations and the naughty feeling all in one foul swoop ! It helped get things going so that we could have more fun than we normally would some weekends!

I highly recommend you try it out if your looking for a little bit of spice and adventure!

I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion from babeland