Tassy reviews babelands massage oil

I recently wrote about how massage is the only thing that really helps me sleep! I think part of my problems started back in college when I used to have some of my now ex boys stop by in the middle of the night and such! You have no idea how crazy I your dear Tassy used to be lol.

In keeping up my nightly massages I was happy that babeland offered to send me some of their very own Babeland Body Massage Oil! I have found that oils & massage candles do so much better than baby oil and lotions!

I picked the oil in the lavender and vanilla scent, because to me there are no more relaxing smells  other than lavender and vanilla! It is just so soul warming to me! The oil is also available in blackberry vanilla musk and Himalayan white tea.

The oil comes in a standard bottle, and I was glad that it was sealed underneath to prevent leaking! The size of the bottle is 5oz which is fairly generous when you are talking about liquid weight!

The smell was heavenly, and I was really impressed with the texture. It is made only out of sweet almond oil and fragrance as well! It does lean more towards the lavender side than vanilla, but it wasn’t too big of a deal to me. Like I say I find both scents relaxing and to put them together would just be a bonus

It is also a very light & non sticky oil that doesn’t sink in straight away, which I also found a plus!

In general I have enjoyed getting massaged with this oil! I am glad to have it in my collection to help aide me in my sleep

I received this product in exchange from babeland for my honest opinions. I was not required to give a positve review. All opinions stated are honest and my own. Your Opinions might vary.