The best vibrators ultimate guide

If I had to take time to rate the most important parts of my day, I only have three. Breakfast, self-love time, and happy hour. Getting off isn’t just important for relieving stress, but it will get all of your juices flowing. Plus, it helps you to get pumped up and ready for any type of action after only a few minutes of flicking that bean.

If you spend a lot of time with yourself that you are going to end up with a severe case of carpal tunnel, it is time to invest in a really good vibrator. We aren’t talking about the ones that you give or get as gifts from the blushing 16-year-old bestie that you had years ago, we are talking about a grow up, sweet piece of temptation lady vibe.  On to the best vibrators I’ve used we go.

The Womanizer

If you are like me and don’t have someone that is willing to have a box lunch at the Y every now and again, this toy is meant to take care of that issue. This is like the latest and greatest toy from Babeland. They also sent me out some great bondage tape.  The Womanizer is meant to give a similar feeling to oral sex as it gives a sucking sensation as well as vibrations for your clit and boy does it feel amazing.  It does resemble the Clarisonic, but it does a lot more in a less amount of time.

You just can’t go wrong with the womanizer.

We Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe is a luxury brand like Lelo.  Check out my review of the Lelo Isla.  This is similar to the new and updated couples toy the We Vibe 4, but what does the Plus stand for? Well let’s just say that you no longer need to head to your local club to find the perfect man for your threesome. This is a really popular couple’s vibrator and it has just gotten better. You can wear it during sex and it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable, you can use it as dual action vibrator, or you can let your honey control it from his business trip over 2500 miles away. Yeah, there is an app that will let your partner have control from anywhere.  Check out for more info.

There’s nothing quite like some couples play!

Crave Vesper

This was one toy I have always been curious about just like I was curious about the Doc Johnson iRide. I recently tried it and for being so small, it really does the trick. It is actually one of the prettiest vibrators out there, but the fact is it was made to be super discreet, so it looks like a necklace. You can wear this vibe anywhere and have your fun where you want. Now there is always that chance, such as what happened to me, where your roommate borrows it thinking it is the perfect accessory for her ensemble on date night only to freak out when it vibrated against her neck.

The Vesper is all about being naughty right in front of people, having your vibrator dangling in their face and they don’t even know.


OhMiBod blueMotion Remote Vibrator

If you love mood music and are dealing with a recent breakup and just want to climb in bed with someone for fun time, this toy is a safer way to do it. You can even pretend that you are hooking up with Drake while listening to his music. This vibrator will actually buzz to the beat of your music and for me my go to song is Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Only drawback for this is, if you have children and you put kid’s songs on your iPod only to be interrupted during your fun time with Let It Go from Frozen, which is an instant boner killer.

It’s all about high tech with this vibrator.

Fonzie by Feelztoys

If you are looking for a deliciously appeasing dual action vibrator, you have certainly looked in the right place. The Fonzie is a go to toy for a lot of people. It is made from a super-premium silicone that have some unique curves that will fit perfectly while the curved head can stroke your G-spot with ease. It is super waterproof, meaning that it has this really cool locking cap that will keep moisture out so feel free to get off in that romantic bubble bath that you planned for yourself. The only thing that I was iffy about was how loud it was. If you live alone it is just fine.

Yuzu Heat Sensor Vibrator

This was a really unique find. It uses heat sensing technology inside of the silicone which makes it vibrate more as your body heat increases. More or less the hotter you get, the faster it gets. It has ribs on the shaft which helps to provide you with more sensations and then the tip is curved just right to give your G-spot a nice massage as well. Instead of just 1 motor, this bad boy comes packed with 3 motors that really give you powerful vibrations. Even on the highest setting and fully charged, you are going to get around 3 hours to play time. It is pretty awesome because it uses a USB or AC cord to charge, which makes it easier to deal with when charging.

We Vibe 4

This is a super advanced couples toy that has ever been made. Right now it is a big seller and it is the perfect thing if you are looking to spice up your sex life or just to give you and your partner a powerful boost. You are able to wear this during sex and it stimulated the G-spot and clit while it sends vibrations on your guy’s member. It has been designed to give you a snug fit without having it slip during sex. It has 6 modes of vibrations and over 10 intensity levels that you can experiment with. It has a wireless control and there is even an app that you can use while you are away from your love to have them turn this off and on for you. Plus, it is waterproof so you can have as much fun as you want in the water. It is also rechargeable and it will give you plenty of play time on a full charge.

Overall, these are the best vibrators out there. You can’t go wrong with one of these choices.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions let me know.

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